Photo by BooBear’s Photography




You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Knit together in the womb

into a unique pattern of awesome.

By the hand of God or by the happenings of science or a blend of both

It doesn’t matter, the end product is still wonderful, the process divine.

Even if you don’t feel like your body does you justice,

doesn’t sit right,

doesn’t fit right,

Isn’t physically you at all.

Makes you no less perfect.

Perfectly you.

On your journey to acceptance

Of the wonder that you are.

Change what you need to,

Bootys, bits and boobs mean nothing,

But don’t change YOU, cos you don’t have to.

You BE you.

Proudly, beautifully, loudly you.

Because you are a walking work of art

ongoing, ever changing.

Colour splashes on canvas,

Sequins sewn onto a gown,

Clay reshaped.

A magnificent creation.

A unique masterpiece.

You are enough,

much, much more than enough.

You are perfectly you.