Paradoxical Liberty #masturbationmonday

Tick tick tick
Ticking over
Over and over and
Over feeling.
Over it.
My mind is a prison.
Holding me
Down in the muck of my soul.
Soiled by the stench
Of my fear.
In here
Always in here
Inside my head.

Break in
Break out,
Break me.
Sweet release.
Release me.
Free me in bondage,
Untie me with chains,
Heal me with pain
And again.
Beat me
Beat hard
Beat out
The thoughts
Strike out
The fears
Pummel out
The knots and the nots and the has nots.
Take me
Use me
Abuse me
Until I’m me
Just me
Perfectly me.
Outside my own mind
Outside my fear
Not trapped in here
Freed by you
Freed from me
To be me.
Paradoxical liberty.

Masturbation Monday

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