Paper, curves and New cover!

Today’s Wank Wednesday prompt is #paper and I apologise now because I’ve kinda cheated a bit.

As you know, my darling laptop got damaged at the weekend and is off to get fixed. I’m using my daughter’s teeny-tiny netbook and my trusty portable drive to deal with everything.

Typing is challenging so I’ve decided to share a little snippet from one of my soon to be releases books today to save on the amount of growling I do at the tinyness of this keyboard.

To make up for my cheating though this is a never seen before excerpt from my upcoming release Temporary Insanity. It comes out next Monday, the 24th October, and is available now to Pre-order.


I pushed open the loosened door and closed it behind me. Just beside the door was a black plastic seat, and on it was a note that read: Welcome Caroline, please sit here and enjoy x

I followed the instructions and took in my surroundings. The door I’d come through was solid wood but opposite that was a bank of windows that pretty much stretched the whole length and width of the wall. This being London the light didn’t so much as stream in but kind of dodged its way round the clouds in a lazy fashion. So the room was a little dim and no lights were lit. The main event would happen, I believed, right in the middle of the office where a large, old-fashioned-looking table dominated the large room, set directly in the centre, faced towards the window.

I couldn’t see a computer monitor of any kind but over on the filing cabinet on the far wall was a laptop case. Mystery solved.

On the desk was a man. The man was blond and with my ninja-like skills of deduction I worked out it was Connor. The top half of him, the half that leaned over the polished tabletop was clothed in shirt and tie, looking fairly business-like. The bottom half of him was virtually naked. His trousers and underwear were tangled around his ankles. His buttocks were pinker than the rest of his pale skin and–

Matt’s hand slammed down into the flesh of Connor’s buttocks with a loud smacking sound. Connor’s arse wobbled and I jumped in my seat a little. I hadn’t expected that. I looked at Matt, still fully clothed with jacket and tie and the whole sexy office ensemble, plus a very determined look on his face. Stern almost but there was something else in the mix that softened it. I didn’t think Matt was really mad at his delicious blond bit of stuff. This was another one of their kinks. I was finding out a lot about their kinks considering how little time I’d spent interacting with them.

“Now promise me you won’t do it again.”

“I won’t do it again, sir, I promise.” Connor gasped.

“It is just not professional, Connor. I don’t want to find you masturbating at your desk ever again, do you hear me?” Matt’s darker, tanned hand slapped the reddened arse before him. The flesh jumped and Connor yelped. It must have hurt. I winced in sympathy but my knickers dampened with my arousal.

“Yes, sir,” he whimpered. “I’m so sorry, sir, it’s just you’re so hot and I couldn’t stand the pressure any longer.”

“Shall I make you work without trousers in future then?”

“No, sir, not that.”

“Well, stop complaining about your damn cock, boy, and man the hell up. Look, it’s fucking hard again now, isn’t it?” Matt reached under Connor’s prone body and grasped hold of his dick.

It was certainly hard. I’d noticed that. Hard and thick and just begging to be sucked. I sighed and rolled my fingers into fists in my lap. I had been invited to watch, not to join in.

“I’m sorry sir,” he whined. “I can’t help it.”

Matt rubbed his hand up and down Connor’s shaft. “You’re such a naughty slut aren’t you?” His other hand slapped lightly on Connor’s arse. He kept smacking and the pressure increased with each stroke.

I was mesmerised by the way Connor’s hips thrust in reaction to the punishment, forcing his cock through Matt’s darker fingers. The tempo lifted and I was certain by the tortured pleasure displayed on Connor’s face that he would come soon.

Matt abruptly let go and stopped spanking. How cruel of him. Poor Connor.

“You don’t think you deserve an orgasm, do you, boy?”

“No, sir.” He gasped. His face told a different story. He had been so close and he still craved for that completion. Hell, I wanted it and I wasn’t the one with the blue balls. I wondered if they’d notice if I slipped my fingers down the front of my skirt. I desperately wanted to caress my aching clit. I knew I was there just to watch but I needed some relief too. I was certain they were too busy to notice what I did.

I quickly slid my hand down over my stomach and under my waistband, then waited as I checked if they had noticed. They hadn’t. I shuffled my fingers into my knickers and down into my damp cleft. Ah, sweet relief.

Before me Matt was unbuckling his belt and freeing himself from his trousers. His stiff dick was revealed. Long, thick and straining, it called to me. My pussy clenched with pleasure. I wanted to taste it, feel it, take it inside me. I fantasised about being that sandwich filling again. This time I wasn’t caught up in a kiss I was caught between two cocks. One between my lips and one buried deep in my cunt.

I would have to dream on, I guessed. Just because they liked a lady to watch them didn’t mean they wanted a lady to join in. Let alone this lady! I shook my head. There would be time to feel insecure and berate myself for my lack of food control later. I had to concentrate. I didn’t want to miss out on any of the show.

“Just to make this perfectly clear, I’m going to repeat myself.” Whilst I had been internally questioning, Matt had pulled a tube of lube from a drawer on the far side of the desk. He had some on his fingers and he was pushing them between Connor’s pink buttocks. “You do not come until I have come. You wait for my command, got it?”

“Yes,” Connor gasped. His poor red cock twitched as Matt’s fingers pushed inside of him. He was really battling to hold himself back from the edge. The strain could be seen in the tautness of his cheeks and forehead, and the sweat that dripped down into his eyes.

I wished I were in his place. That was something I hadn’t expected. I was fairly certain I was pretty normal when it came to my sexual desires. Well, normal by women’s magazine standards anyway. I just wanted sex. I’d wanted sex for a while actually since Tom had dumped me and my fun dose of daily sex disappeared. I should have got out there and looked for a new man but I lacked the confidence to walk into a bar or a club and hit on someone. I’m just not that confident in the way I look. I may love my curves when I see them in the mirror or I feel a man’s hand caressing them, but when I am out in public I remember all the negative remarks thrown at me over the years.

I had been so fixated on having sex of any kind that I hadn’t given any kinks time to develop. I definitely liked the idea of being dominated though. I wanted to be the one across that desk. I didn’t know how I’d react to the spanking, having never experienced it but I wanted to know what it felt like.

I wanted to feel Matt’s fingers between my buttocks. I was contemplating anal sex! What had happened to me? Had these two hot young men perverted me so easily? I suspected they were simply awakening desires that had previously lain dormant within me.

I stroked my clit and watched. My breaths became shorter and escaped my lips more rapidly. I was sure the guys could hear me but as Matt was pressing his now sheathed erection to the loosened and lubed arse of his partner I assumed they’d not notice a little extra noise from my seat on the sidelines.

And now I want to share something exciting with you. I just got in the cover image for my upcoming PRINT novel Tempting Rendezvous…I’ll be sharing it soon. Yes, I am a wicked tease. ;)