Painful Desire.

I have a craving, a desire deep and hard in the centre of my liquid soul.

A want, a need, a craving.

It curls and coils,

grows and stretches,

winds and pulls and leaves me breathless with want.

Consuming my mind with imaginings mixed with memories.

Noises, mine and his,

Words whispered, yelled and moaned.

Blossoming ecstasy over and over again.

Riding the dragon of pleasure pain,

flowing through heat and relief,

 biting sharpness and flying, soaring delight.

Stripes and stings

Clash and thump,

Sword strokes of wood  and burning heat.

Only I know,

Only I feel,

The desire is mine.

But I wish, oh how I wish I could have what I want.

Right now.


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