“Shall I turn the light off?”
“Mmm, grab my headphones?”
“Sure,” I lifted up to move off the bed and am forcefully pulled back down by H.
“But first…”
They ran their hand down to my cunt, quickly finding how wet I was. They grinned and rubbed my clit. All the time they looked at me and I looked back, their face just above mine.
As orgasm approached my eyes flickered shut and they stopped.
I whimpered.

They laughed.
They continued their manipulation of my clit.
I stared into their eyes.
I saw a maelstrom of lust and sadistic delight there. It was that as much as their fingers on my clit that brought me to the edge of orgasm. My eyes fluttered closed and they stopped.

I moaned and shot them a ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ look.
H smiled, wickedly. Their fingers strummed once more.
“Do you want to come?”
“Please,” I whispered, cheeks flushed.
How I fucking hate to be made to beg.

Love. Hate love. I love to hate being made to beg.
They cocked their head to a side, beckoning for me to repeat myself.
I tried simultaneously to not close my eyes, say please and come.
I managed one of those three.


My please came out a little garbled.

As did the next rolling dozen or so. I pleaded with my words and my eyes.

Please let me come.

H did not let me come.

H was having fun as I writhed and panted and moaned and gasped desperate for release.
The next orgasm was so close I could almost feel it. I thought they had relented.
But no. My desperate frustration put the widest grin on their face.


I honestly at that point thought they’d never let me come. My whole body was alight with arousal and as their fingers rubbed through my slickness, creating a rhythm that beckoned my poor bottled up orgasm with unerring precision I anticipated the denial.

But this time they let me come.

Ecstasy gripped me. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through my body as they kept up that perfect rhythm.

I was pleasure.

Everywhere my body touched H’s—and they were pressed very firmly against me—sung with sensual delight.
I lost sense of time. I lost sense of everything but me and H and the orgasm flowing through me. Every inch of me was throbbing and pulsing with pleasure. My mind was emptied of thought.

I was ecstasy.

From the tip of my toes to the ends of my hair, I buzzed and fizzed with it.

I was free.

H snuggled into me, letting me rest before the rolling orgasms turned to more torture on the opposite end of the scale. They’re so kind to me, really. They snuggled close, their head on my arm, their nose by my armpit. They sniffed deeply.
“I love smelling you. ” They said, I could hear the arousal in the deep timbre of their words.

“I love you smelling me.” I replied with a smile. H buried their nose in my armpit and inhaled. I continued to smile as they revelled in my scent. They rolled over and knelt between my thighs, running their face down my body, pulling in my scent.

They spread my thighs and dipped their head between them. I blushed. I always do when they get so up close and personal with my cunt. I closed my eyes tightly as they deeply inhaled. I could feel the heat of their breath on my wet lips.

“You smell so good.” They groaned. I opened my eyes to find them sat back and looking into my face. “Like a dirty slut.”

Pretty sure I whined a little as my cheeks flushed and my whole body suffused with arousal. I watched them lean over me, their gaze locked with mine as they ducked down to kiss me. I kissed back with passion, so much passion that I ground against their thigh, I’d say dry humped their leg but I was wet.

I wetly humped their leg as we kissed deeply, devouring each other.

Exchanging kiss for kiss,

lust for lust.

They ran their fingers into my hair, stopped kissing me and dropped down to the bed beside me. I panted happily, staring into their beautiful eyes, knowing my grin was as wide as theirs. They tightened their grip in my hair, their grin grew and they pushed me down to their crotch.

I eagerly took their cock in my mouth, wriggling around until I was on my knees so I could suck all the more of H’s dick into my mouth. I moaned and sighed and happily bounced up and down, focusing all my lust, all my love into sucking them.

Their hand rested on my butt. They squeezed and slapped it. I groaned and squeaked as they hit a little harder. I loosened my jaw instead of tightened it, and angled my body so they had more access to my arse. I enjoyed the spanks and H’s erection in my mouth.

Then they moved their hand to my waist and I was puzzled. Next they pressed a finger into the pressure point above my hip and I gasped.

Do you know what happens when they press there?

I giggle.

I giggled around their cock and shot them a disgruntled face and continued…for all of a moment before they pressed my side again and the giggles erupted.

H grabbed a fistful of my hair with one hand and rested a finger next to what is getting to be known as the giggle button.

“Is sucking my cock a laughing matter?” H asked.

They have this look. It’s mock serious and all teasing. They were using that look. Their sadism oozed from that look.
“No,” I shook my head against the tautness of their fingers in my hair. They loosened their grip and once more they pressed that spot and I tried, I really tried not to laugh.
Problem is, the more I do that, the deeper and more explosive the giggles when they finally explode.
It’s very strange giggling with a dick in your mouth. I kinda think H enjoyed it.
They pulled me back with my hair again and wouldn’t let me get closer to their dick. I just wanted to suck them, I just wanted to feel the heft of them in my mouth, the throb and the thrust of them. Listen to their moans and whimpers.

“Do you want my cock?”

“Yes,” I groaned, dancing my gaze from their sadistic grin to their delicious dick and back.
“Just beg to suck my cock seriously…” They pressed the giggle button and I strained, I gritted my teeth. I really tried.
“Please…” That was all I managed before the giggles took over and the rest flowed out in a giggle


They laughed too. Made me beg and giggle a few more times before letting me take them in my mouth once more. I sucked so eagerly, moaned and slobbered around them. Their sadistic smile melted into moans of satisfaction until once again they pulled me away. This time they firmly grasped their cock and started to wank.

I love watching them wank. There’s something so intimate in watching them so absorbed in their pleasure. Their eyes screwed closed, their head thrown back. They let go of my hair. Had one hand wanking and the other at their chest, twisting their nipple.

“Fuck,” I whispered, “this is so fucking hot.”

They moaned even louder.

Words are my life, but there are times when I feel so much I can’t string together a sentence. I wanted to tell them how fucking gorgeous they are, how honoured I felt to be seeing them so raw, so real, so visceral. I wanted them to know I’d missed them so much, that I’d missed this so much. That it felt so good to be with them again. I wanted them to know how much I wanted them, how much I wanted to see them come, wanted them to feel pleasure for they gave me so much.

I moaned their name.


I moaned their name again.

Their whole body tightened in response to their name on my lips.
Their breath hitched, their hand paused and I knew they were getting close.

“Victoria,” they moaned, soft and sweet and full of yearning.

“Ooooh, Vic…toria.” They stopped mid word, as their orgasm over flowed. The end of my name rolled as their orgasm flowed and I felt intrinsically entwined with their pleasure.

I took their dick in my mouth, mumbled and moaned happily as I drank down their cum. I licked up the pool that had spilled down their shaft and onto their pubis. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so happy.

I had H’s cum in my mouth, around my mouth and on my lips when I moved to kiss them. Their smile was so languid, so sweet, so loving. Our smiles collided and I laughed loudly as they licked my lips and cheeks to clean their cum from my face.

I love them so much, the way they so effortlessly make me laugh. I was still giggling as they pushed me down and pressed their foot on my face.

Once my face was on the bedsheet, and the weight of their foot was pressing down I was quiet and I was placid and fearing. But the anticipatory kind of fear.

As I calmed, they kicked me. Kicked my stomach. I groaned deep as they kicked and kicked. I gasped and whimpered as they reached up and slapped my face a few times. Looking into my eyes, watching the fear grow. Seeing the tears film across them.

Then they pinched my stomach. Pinching. It’s a pain I really hate. It’s so sharp, so inescapable. I sobbed a bit as they twisted and plucked at my tender flesh.

And before I could process anything, they were slapping my face again. Hard, slow, methodical. They watched me intently as I took the blows. From confident, definant chin out me I wilted with every degrading hit. My chin dipped, my gaze followed and the tears came.

They came hard and fast and in deep, body wracking sobs.

H pulled me close and held me as I sobbed.

“I got you.” They held me so close.

I looked up into their face. So kind, so tender, so loving.

They wiped the tears from my eye and licked it off their finger.

I smiled as they smiled. They consumed my sadness and fear and gladly so.

“I thought you needed that.”

I nodded, pulled in a steadying breath.

“I did, I really, really did.” They held me close. I’d struggled for weeks with my anxiety, with stress and with illness. I was wound so tight. I really needed the release. The release of orgasm, the release of H’s pleasure, the release of my tears, my fears and my burdens.

We exchanged love yous. I thanked then so many times and we lay together in a hug. They had their arms around my back and shoulders, I had mine around their waist. We held together like that forever.
I felt all my rough edges smoothing, all my broken pieces falling back into place. I was content. At peace.

Loving and Loved.