Over the Moon Review.

sdaxcI appreciate all the reviews I receive, even the not so positive ones because there is always something to learn from them and it gets my name out there. However there is definitely an extra special thrill when I receive a review from a fellow author.

Saskia Walker is an amazing writer and she has written some lovely compliments for my story Moon Shy in her review of the Over The Moon Anthology. This is what she says:

“Moon Shy is a contemporary set story where office politics, romance, and the legend of the werewolf come together in a story that will grab you and make you wish it was a full-length novel!

Jenny, our heroine, is not a werewolf, but Lowell, the man she is falling for, is. The office hatchet woman, Desdemona, also has her eye on Lowell, and she is a wolf too. While Jenny and Lowell fall in love, the situation they are in is fraught with danger. Victoria Blisse’s tale is filled with pathos, humour, romance, action, and eroticism. It also addresses the werewolf nature head-on, and shows us in no uncertain terms what it means to fall head over heels in love with one.”

Saskia Walker

You can read the rest of her Over the Moon Review in this months Total-E-Bound Newsletter.

Thank you, Saskia for your kind words, it is always gratifying to hear compliments on your writing from an author you admire. And on the 18th January you will be able to enjoy Over The Moon in Print! So you can pop me and 5 other exceptional erotic writers on your bookshelf!

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