Over the Moon

A collection of sizzling erotic stories all with that little extra bite!

His destined mate is an alpha in her own right, and an ‘Enemy Red’ who plans on taking him apart one bite at a time. Until Fenris bites back. When poachers capture his werewolf wife Sienna, Gareth risks his life to free her. Then he hatches a plan in which the hunters become the hunted. Who will be ‘Trapped’?

‘Stripped Bare’ by the Night Lord himself, Josie’s life is endangered by a dark, haunting secret that might destroy them both. Is the reward greater than the risk?

Lowell is a ‘Moon Shy’ werewolf who hates what he is. He has to fight when the girl he loves is attacked by an enemy werewolf. Who will win?

Anabella’s ‘Dreams’ bring her to David, but is he the salvations she is looking for? In ‘Bound to Her’ can Luka convince Michele that they must be bound or will he lose his pack and leave the fate of the humans to the rogue wolves?

Moon Shy by Victoria Blisse

Lowell is a werewolf. Desdemona is a werewolf. That is where the similarities end.

Desdemona takes great joy in the full moon. She maims and kills with enthusiasm and wishes she could be a werewolf every day. Lowell hates what he is. He wishes that the full moon would only come around once in a million years.

Jenny is a sweet girl who often acts before she thinks, especially when a man is involved. She finds herself between these two werewolves. She loves Lowell, he was her school crush way back when. Desdemona is her superior and makes her working life a misery.

But which werewolf will have Jenny in the end? Will Desdemona succeed in killing her during the full moon, or will Lowell be able to keep her safe and in the dark about his horrific secret? It comes down to a fight between two werewolves, one Moon lover and one Moon Shy. Who will win?

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Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of graphic violence.

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