When Janet met Guy her whole corporate and predictable world crumbled. The exciting young American whisked her away on a summer holiday that she would never forget, an expedition to find her sexual self.

They started in York where they discovered the delights of the Minster and their exhibitionist lusts. In London they visited the Queen and found the secret delights hidden in the Shadows of Hyde Park. And in Paris, the City of Lovers, Janet made the most important decision of her life. Should she stay with Guy and discover more of her adventurous nature or should she return to the career she had worked so hard to build?

The most important decisions in life are always the most difficult to make.

And here is todays raunchy excerpt to give you an idea of what you will find in this delightful story:

His hands flowed like liquid over her. He stroked her arms then her stomach, which made her cringe self-consciously. He did not stop, his fingers cupped her breast brazenly and manipulated the soft flesh through the barriers of her dress and bra.

“There are people in the garden!” She squeaked in protest as he prised her breast out into the cool, conditioned air.


She felt him shrug, and he pulled out her other, too. If one of the people in the garden glanced towards their room they’d see her breasts out on brazen display. She tried to turn from the window.

“Stay still.” It was a command, and Janet followed it immediately, much to her own surprise. “Good, I want to put you on display. I want people to see how fucking gorgeous you are, and I want them to know you’re mine.”

Janet sensed that she should have been incensed by this misogynistic claim but her blood was fired with lust by the deft touch of his fingers, and she was incapable of thought. She wanted to speak out but as his hand dipped down and dragged up the hem of her skirt the rebuffing words stuck in her throat. His fingers never stopped, never gave her chance to catch her breath, and she mewled with delight as they pushed away the material of her knickers and sought out her wet slit.

She shut out the world with her eyelids and concentrated on his fingers.

“Oh yes, my wet slut. I want them to see you writhing on my fingers.”

He established a rhythm with his finger, slipping up and down Janet’s slit, teasing her clit with each stroke. She moaned and gasped as she surrendered to his dominant hands clutching her tit and her cunt. She was still concerned that someone might see, but she realised she was no longer worried by it but excited by the prospect.

“Keep your eyes closed.” Another command and she obeyed it eagerly. “Someone is watching. A guy, by the river.”

Janet’s heart thudded to a halt as she felt the weight of the stranger’s stare on her exposed skin. “He’s staring right up into this room, right at your delicious tits. I’m not sure if he’s made out my hand in your panties yet, but he will. I bet he’s fucking hard. I know I am.”

He continued to stroke her, teasing whimpers from her lips, forcing her head back to his shoulder as the pleasure simply became too much to bear.

“Yes, he knows I’m finger-fucking you now. I can see the smirk on his lips from here. He wants to whack off, his hand keeps moving to his pants, but there are too many people around. He’s going to come so fucking hard when he does, though. Thinking of you, you gorgeous slut, displaying your orgasm for all to see. Come for him. Give him a treat. Give him something to remember.”