I’m delighted to be welcoming the Wonderful Karen Johnson to my Blog to tell us all about her Out of the Corner Campaign to help victims and survivors of Domestic Abuse.

I launched Out of the Corner, my Autobiography in December 2014 . My life story based on a life of success and heartaches. I started Modeling at the age of 13 so young, carefree and the world at my feet. An industry of glamour and heartache, my journey tells a story ’til now at 50, so many tales to tell.In the middle of my book I was in an abusive relationship with my ex husband for 7 long, lonely heartbreaking years of mental and physical abuse.

I met my ex husband in Africa, Mombasa while I was there on a trip as an Air Stewardess on long haul. Oh, my life was amazing and fun but life changed after a year of bliss and became the worst years of my life apart from having my amazing boys. To this day he doesn’t want to know, So out of the corner is my life as a victim and now a survivor, a survivor with fight and determination to help all who suffer any kind of abuse. My journey of escape ’til now has been a roller coaster and I have never fallen off . I’m well strapped in. Today I empower victims and survivors with my experience and confidence, strength, self worth, self love and respect.



I give my all raising awareness, giving up my free time to help break silence which is my mission and my aim in life. I have set up my groups on Facebook and have many followers giving them inspirational quotes and advice. With the feed back from my group and my confidence courses I run, the success rate of change has been amazing and rewarding over my years doing this. This is worth more than a lottery win.

My book is off the market at the minute due to conflict with the publisher but I will return ASAP with a revamp and relaunch. Out of the corner has gone global and I’m so overwhelmed by that. I decided whilst I’m waiting to relaunch that raising awareness needed to go on, so my campaign I started with my fabulous team Essy Herriman,  Robert Thompson  and Glynn Kelly With deep appreciation, helps me reach out and to continue my awareness.


When I was in this abusive relationship I was away from my family and friends, isolated with only his family and no friends in a town who didn’t like me or from where I came from, Liverpool. They didn’t like my dress sense, my out look on life and my make up or  just me being me. It was hard to fit in but would I change? never! So no support, no where to go, my lies of happy family was my fake smile and my mask. What all victims do as they’re too scared and embarrassed to speak out. So living with it was the only option If I had the support there is today I would not of stayed that long. If I had someone like myself to talk to, to reach out to  and contact I would have left earlier. So here I am giving what I never had I’m just so happy I escaped when I did otherwise I don’t think I would be here writing this message today.



Karen can be contacted on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to hear more about her and the Out of the Corner Campaign.