On Thursday night, around 10pm we got a wonderful early Christmas Gift.

We have guinea pigs, we were given them in September, Star and Rainbow and were told they were both girls.

However, a couple of weeks ago I discovered they were definitely boy and girl as it became obvious that Rainbow was pregnant! My husband remarked that she looked like a fat pizza and bless her, she did.

So 10pm on Thursday she gave birth. It was very quick, very exciting and in the end there were three babies!

This is Big Eater, he/she (not determined sex yet) started eating hay the minute she worked out where her mouth was!

This pic is the best I managed of the other two.

The one at the front is Legless because he/she ended up on his back and couldn’t get up, so I used a finger tip to help tip him over and then he was off!

The one at the back is litttle’un as he/she was last, bless her and I didn’t see much of her until the next day but she is the little one of the litter.

Those photos were taken minutes after they were born. How amazing they are all furred and eyes opened and ready to go.

We got a better photo the next day of all three of the little darlings!

At the front is little’un with her distinctive nose stripe, just like her mum’s. Behind her is Legless, he has distinctive white legs and at the back is Big Eater who has a huge white scarf round her neck.

I don’t know their sexes, at this moment I’m guessing. *LOL* They are a sheer joy though and Rainbow is looking after them really well. Dad is in solitary confinement right now, bless him, but we keep taking him out for snuggles and socialisation. We’re not going to be able to keep all these guinea pigs, which is kinda sad, but hey, we’ve had so much joy from them all already. You can’t help but smile when you see them, they’re just so incredibly cute!