Ben has been around the scene at munches and play event for a little while.  We’d met, chatted, connected on fetlife, like you do. Well, like I do when I notice a hot new guy on the scene with a sweet smile. It was just general conversation at first, then there was a sparking moment of chemistry.

On a dark, January munch evening I sat chatting to mates late in the evening when he asked if he could get past to get his bag.

“No.” I answered, deadpan. I’m sarcastic, especially with friends.

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked all deer in the headlights.

It was so cute and somewhat unexpected.

“Only kidding, go ahead.” I said. “But thanks for that little surge of power there. I enjoyed that.”

He grinned. I grinned. An idea formed and a little later I messaged him with a proposition of play.

See, I am getting much braver post pandemic lock downs. And he accepted the proposition! We talked at a munch about just what we’d do. I’m very much a beginner top and he’s not had much experience so we matched up in our gentle hesitancy. I was very excited for our plans. It was a bugger that it was 2 weeks of waiting ‘til they came to fruition.

I thought carefully about what to wear to Miss T’s that night. I wanted to be in the right frame of mind. So I picked a cheeky see through lace top and tight shiny pencil skirt combo over some new, softly frilly purple lingerie. Hitty Kitty did me some fierce AF eye makeup and encouraged me to go with black lipstick. They were right, of course. They’re so much more stylish than me!

When Ben arrived at Miss T’s I sighed in relief (a literal storm was blowing, it made me anxious) and then we sat and chatted a while and eased into the evening. I casually brought up play and let him know he could tell me when he was ready. See, I’m really nice. Although, I did also drop into conversation that fact that being close to Cute-as-Sin made me much more sadistic as their sadism rubbed off on me. So maybe I’m not *that* nice as Cute-as-Sin was in front of us at the time.

I went into the dungeon a little ahead of Ben. Claimed my favourite spanking bench and I got out a selection of implements I thought might be suitable for a gentle, introductory beating. Many of my favourites stayed in the bag. When he came in he checked out my selection, got rid of one (so I felt I chose quite well) and we agreed to use traffic lights as our safeword but basically, I said any kind of ‘no’ ‘fuck off’ ‘desist’ would get me to stop and check in with him as we were only just starting out. I checked if it was okay to start with a hand spanking and if he was happy for me to touch him. All basic negotiation stuff, I know, but it’s good to note it for others and myself. All this happened as he stripped and got comfortable on the bench.

I’m left handed, so I took up my position to the right of him. I laid my right hand on his back for connection, balance, comfort for him and me. It’s a very different process starting a scene as the top. I’m totally aware of his flesh beneath my hands, creating a rhythm and being aware of the power behind my strikes. I’m completely engaged and focused as well as delighted as hints of pink start to shine on his buttocks and thighs that wobble sexily with each slap.

Moving on to implements conversation flowed as I showed him what I was hitting him with and he would tell me his surprise or disdain or occasionally love. Not surprisingly he really liked the lovely furry paddle we have, well one side of it anyway. The slappy side not so much.

Seeing his reactions and feeling the tension in his shoulders as the beating got heavier was surprisingly arousing especially as I found my favourite spot. You know, all meanies have it. Mine was just below the buttock on the left leg and it got lovely and red and he’d wince every time I hit it.

There was one moment where he stiffened and, in a higher pitch than his usual voice he asked.

“Was that Cute-as-Sin?”

I chuckled and told him that yes it was, but they were keeping their distance. My sadism definitely increased though, because I very much enjoyed that moment of fear and continued to spank with vigour. My little bat and favourite studded paddle really got him moving, hissing and squealing. Especially when I hit my favourite spot.

The conversation continued as I teased him and took feedback on what was enjoyed and what wasn’t. Stingy wasn’t overly enjoyed and I knew it was time to wind back down after the single stroke of my evil as fuck cane. I used my thumpy toys to take the spanking down a gear. I continued to rub hub his back and shoulders as I slipped back down to the lovely furry paddle he enjoyed so much.

I admired my handiwork. I got his pretty lil’ butt all red and in spots a lil’ purple. I was very proud. Especially as he ran round eagerly to check his butt and thighs in the mirror when I’d finished. I cleaned up the implements and we shared a cuddle. Checked in on his aftercare needs (minimal, similar to my own) and headed back to the social room. I was blushed with pride, he was blushed with my meanness. It felt really good. I felt accomplished, a little smug and invigorated.

Later on as we stood by the kitchen together he asked if I fancied doing some wax play and I happily said yes. So we set up in the private room because it’s easiest for wax, there’s a nice little bed that has width enough for 2 plus candles and kit.  I spread out Miss T’s sheet of San Francisco and eventually found my candles. They’d been left out last time I was there and although I felt very silly not being able to locate them Ben was very patient and didn’t take the mickey not even once – what a good boy!

After taking off his top he lay down on his tum and I started to drip wax from a little height, altering it higher based on his reactions. I am not controlled enough to make an image, not yet anyway so I covered my lovely canvas with little drip drip drops.  We tried a few different colours but settled on the teal and the black as others were too intensely hot for his sensitive skin. I noted some spots reddening, so I was extra careful to avoid those.

It was really lovely and laid back, we talked about all sorts as we played, not just the wax play itself. I was very impressed with the final image and took some photos for posterity.  Next came my favourite bit, scraping the wax off with my little wooden knife. I know how nice it feels and the happy murmurs and purrs let me know Ben was enjoying it too. Again, I was really focused on him, on the way the wax chipped and slipped from his skin, gently brushing the crumbs off him with my other hand, noticing the oily residue the wax left. Once he was cleaned off and I cleaned up we shared a cuddle. Where I squeezed extra tight round his shoulders and back.

“Bet that feels nice.” I chuckled

“Actually it does.” he replied, so of course I squeezed a little harder.

Maybe, just maybe I’m a little tad touch sadistic after all.

Although not my first topping experience, it was my first night where I was nothing but toppy and I did more than 1 scene as the top and it was really, really fun. And the fun continued the next day when I got tagged in photos. I LEFT BRUISES. Cute lil’ purple ones. Eeeeee. Go me! I felt very proud of my little self.

The best bit though, was when he told me he trusted me and when he told me he wants to play again in future….actually, he said that a few times.  I am very excited to discover our dynamic.

And find some more favourite spots. ;)