Some parts of 2015 were bloody awful, I’m not going to focus on those. Instead I’m goings to focus on the events, the people, the inspirations that got me through the bad times and made 2015 the year of Being Brave.


Smut is a huge part of my life. If I’m not writing it, I’m arranging events for fellow smutty people. This year has been packed full of Smut. And It’s been so much fun. We’ve met lots of new people, met up with friends we know and love and had a rollicking good time. Check out the reports below and check out this gallery of mixed smutty experiences. These photos make me smile.


This is a lot on it’s own but they’re not the only events I’ve been too. This year has been filled with new experiences and new friends and started out way back at the Coffee Meet arranged by THE Matt S (more about him later) which was all kinds of scary as I was going as a creative to a meet of models and photographers. These people were all kinds of awesome though and many of those I met back then I now consider friends.



One guy in particular has become a staple in my life. Jay. He is basically my little brother and I love him to bits. He’s constantly pulling me into new things. He’s a very clever networker. You want something to happen? Ask Jay.

Family Blisse went to the iCosplay Dr Sketchy’s and have been to virtually every one since. Dr Sketchy‘s is fun, lots of great performances and the chance to draw even when you can’t. I have discovered I’m very skilled orally. I draw better with my mouth than with my hand!  Check out some of my Sketchy highlights.

And through the crazy wonderfulness that is Jay I met the astounding Bea. Look for the turquoise haired lady playing with fire/nails/a pole in the above pics and that’s her. I love these two to bits and I know I’ll be doing more mad new stuff with them in 2016.


Talking of New Stuff, here’s what Jay got me into this past year Club Lash. I swear I was completely innocent before I met Jay (ignore the smutty books I wrote before. heh) and within weeks of meeting the man he had me at a BDSM Club. And I loved it. I’m glad to Say Mr Blisse and i have been to several Lash events and had the lovely folks at 2 Smut events too. Club Lash Rocks as does RWN who provide the dungeon equipment!


Then there was Twisted Sin and My First Ever Lap Dance!


There were other firsts in 2015 and they were down to the one, the only THE Matt S. We met at the end of 2014 but my 2015 would have been very different without him. I wouldn’t have met Bea and Jay and lots of other fabulous folks who I now count as friends and virtually all the firsts of this year can in some way, be attributed to him.

Matt has become a part of Smut UK, in fact he’s the face of Smut UK these days! As well as helping out with Sexhibition and the Alternative and Burlesque fairs he’s been the man to get me to my first (and second) shoot. I was director! Both occassions were great fun and we got some amazing images. Some for a book that I *really* have to sit down and actually write! Matt is a true gent, a great laugh and a true friend. Thank you for all you do!


And through Matt I heard about the Alternative Fashion Fest and the event I attended in Manchester recently was truly inspiring. I looking forward to going to more in 2016. We all need to embrace our unique beauty more.


What else? Well there was another first, my first Manchester Pride. I went with my awesome mate Rev David Gray and Boo and we all had a fantastic time with Christians walking with Pride. It is good to celebrate diversity. I was floored by the joy and love that abounded. I want me more of that!


There was a fun visit to the ETO Show and I learnt burlesque! With My Mum! I can’t believe I packed so much in.


Through it all, through every up and down I’ve had my husband by my side.He makes my whole life all the more awesome. He’s well and truly my other half, I feel lost without him and 2016 will be amazing because of him. Thank you, Kev for being an essential part of my Blisse.


And to you all, a very happy 2016 with much love, many laughs and exciting suprises!