Old School Erotica Writing #SmutSunday


It’s Sunday, time to Smut!  I’ve had a week of trying to write. My WIP is proving difficult and I’d spent so long staring at my laptop screen I was going insane.  So I decided to give something a go that I’ve never tried before. I tried actually writing. I’ve never tried it before because my handwriting is…well, interesting to say the least and I do have a challenge reading it myself sometimes.  However, I was going to be out and on my own for a bit so I thought why not give it a go! You’ve got to really try and beat that writer’s block when the deadline is staring you in the face!

It worked too. I didn’t write reams but I did write more on paper than I had on screen all day.  I had to type it up of course but I think it was worth the extra bit of that process just to give me a bit of a boost. I’m glad to know I hadn’t forgotten how to actually make a story. A change of medium really helped.

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