Not One, Not Two.. but Three!

I’m not talking about wishes or how many buses come at once after you’ve been waiting half an hour in the rain, no I’m talking about releases! So, please forgive me for being brief, I promise to go into more detail on all these anthologies in future but for now, here’s a quick tour through the three!

chocolate lover

I love the cover on Chocolate Lover which features five chocolatey stories including my story

Chocolate Lover by Victoria BlisseWhen it’s a young lady’s birthday a husband usually brings her some flowers and some dainty little treats. But there’s really only one way to satisfy a full bodied woman who’s not only a chocoholic but who is also a hungry cockoholic, and that is with a perfect replica made from the finest Belgian sweet.


Only Comes Once a Year Anthology features:

The Scent of Pine – Victoria BlisseHaving the in-laws stay over the Christmas season puts a definite dampener on Julie and Robert’s sex life. But abstinence has its own rewards after Christmas: – there’s barely time to wave off the relatives before the sexy couple make up for lost time…


Where Phone Sex Can Lead
features five full figured stories about curvy ladies who know what thay like including my story

Watching By Victoria BlisseEveryone has their invisible friend, don’t they? But via the Internet and computers virtual strangers can enter your fantasies as easily as if they were in the room with you. And Todd knows what to say, what to suggest, and what excites you. And as the line between fantasy and reality blurs you know that Todd really is the man of your dreams.

It’s not often I get to celebrate 3 releases in one day!

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