I saw some very sad news the other day. It said that The church of England is against Equality in Marriage. Which is a bit of a sweeping statement.

I go to a Church of England church and I am all for equality in marriage. I don’t think it’s much to ask for a man who dearly loves another man or a woman who’s found her female soulmate to be able to marry. Actually get married not just have a civil partnership. Marriage is a constitution of love and in my mind love is for all.

I also don’t think it’ll shake the foundations of faith if these couples tie the knot in a church. You know, like we straight folks have been able to do for hundreds of years. There are committed Christians out there who are Lesbian, Bi, Gay and transgendered and they should be allowed to celebrate their love in the presence of God and their friends and families just as straight folks are.

I’m quite convinced that my God, the God who IS love approves of marriage in all it’s forms. Actually, I’m pretty certain it’s kind of a non-issue. You know like eating, breathing and being. I don’t want to speak for Him, though it is said that Christians are his only voice on earth (Seriously? Lord, you needed to think that one through) so I will say that I am convinced that Christians should focus on serious issues.

Serious issues like poverty, hunger, addiction, abuse, violence and all these threats that seriously affect millions of people every day around the world. All these issues that are right on every Christian’s doorstep. Stop worrying about something that is a complete non-issue and focus on fixing the stuff that’s really tearing families and communities apart.

So I’m going to stand with Giles Fraser who said ‘not in my name’ in this guardian article. I’m not proud to be associated with the Church of England right now.

Whoever you are, whatever you beleive if you believe in Marriage equality please send a letter to Support Gay Marriage today. The government’s consultation on gay marriage ends today but I hope we can keep this issue on the agenda until it becomes a non-issue because equal marriage rights actually exist and won’t be questioned any longer.

If you’re in the UK and want to have your say make sure you do! The consultation questionnaire is here and only takes a few minutes to fill in.

In the mean time look to Inclusive Church and Changing Attitude for Anglican’s who DO support equality. There are many of us out there.

And Fellow Anglicans write to your bishops, write to the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and let them know that you support Marriage for all and let them know why. Let our voices be heard.