No Pun Intended…

Firstly, today is the first stop in my Naughty Rendezvous Blog tour over at R.Renee Vicker’s place, comment on her blog to win one of 3 brilliant Blisse prizes including a signed copy of Tempting Rendezvous! Check out the post for more info. :)


Right, now onto the weekend. I could have picked several titles for this blog post ‘Boobies are okay on facebook’ or ‘Getting Saucy’ or ‘What do a man in a romper suit, high heels and smutty books have in common?” did jump to mind but I went with ‘No Pun Intended’ because I must have said that phrase a hundred times over the weekend.

So, it all started with a long coach journey to London with my lovely hubby, Kevin Mitnik of fame. We then found our hotel via tube and managed to get back across london to Hoxton in plenty of time to have a drink in the Blu bar with my mate Jan (who I met on Literotica), Lucy and her lovely fella (I need to keep him sweet, he bakes yummy things!) and then KD Grace who’d raced over from Olympia where she’d been helping Hazel selling lots of books on the Xcite stand.

So when we got into SH! we set up and got ready for the reading. As always the Sh!girlz were absolutely fabulous and kept everyone plied with bubbly, cakes and sweet treats including cakes made by yours truly and fudge and sweets made by Lucy’s lovely fella. You get treated like a member of royalty when you visit Sh! It’s brilliant.

me and lucy

So I started off the event with a reading from Tempting Rendezvous, then the lovely Lucy Felthouse read her sexy and spooky mermaid tale from Seducing the Myth. I followed with a festive excerpt from Tempting Rendezvous where Leanna dresses up as a very naughty elf and I do believe all these went down very well…NO PUN INTENDED! :)


So then we had a break for more bubbles and food and drew the two winners of the SH!prize and the Northern Bird’s basket of goodies.

Lucy started off the second half with a very hot taster from her story in The Look of Lust. I followed with an equally hot bit from my story in the same anthology. We finished off with a Question and Answer session which had me and Lucy answering all sorts of questions about genre, Twilight (as we both write vampires sometimes) and where we got our writing names from. After book signings (such good fun!) and more chat with the lovely Sh! Girlz it was time to find food!

At this point I offer my heartfelt thanks to the folks at Sh!Hoxton and encourage people to go visit and pick up a SIGNED copy of Tempting Rendezvous!

Also I thank my lovely special guest, Lucy Felthouse, for being all round awesome. :)

Lucy, KD and Me and our respective blokes hit The Breakfast club for yummy food after the reading. Our conversation flowed but I do believe it may have shocked a server or two and I swear the next table over were straining to hear what we’d say next! Oh and I got to experience the He-Man toilet. It was an experience, I can tell you!

We then went home to bed…no, not all together, they were different beds in different places!

So Saturday started with another tube journey, we met up with Lucy and her side-kick and headed into Olympia, on the way we saw the lovely Lexie Bay with her man and then we met the New Man at Xcite, Sam, who gave us our shiny and lovely Erotica passes.

I can’t tell you what I expected from Erotica. I think I expected to be a bit shocked, a little amazed and maybe I thought I’d feel a little awkward and like a fish out of water. The first two expectations were met but not the last. Every person, no matter what they wore or what they were into were universally accepted. Men walked round in high heels, Ladies wore tight corsets, revealing lingerie and led around their slaves and there was even a guy happy to wear his romper suit and nappy, several folks in latex and many men in very tight, tight pants! It was brilliant. Such a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. I was truly struck by that the most as an Erotica newbie!


So we started by chatting to Hazel at the Xcite stand and looking at all the lovely books on the shelves including my very own Tempting Rendezvous. We then went on a bit of a wander around the stalls, checked out things from above and popped in to see a special some who made my husband’s erm, heart, go all a flutter. (Katie K on the Television Erotica stand)


It was soon time to get together and do some sexy readings in the London room which was kind of loud and echoier but we made the most of it. I started with another excerpt from Tempting Rendezvous, a very sexy one it was too!


I was followed by more Lucy Felthouse who read from Look of Lust, KD Grace who read from The Pet Shop, Kay JayBee who read from The Perfect Submissive


Georgie McCray followed, she was an entertaining newbie to the genre and Lexie bay finished by reading for the first time ever and did a lovely job of reading from her story in Immoral Views.


My thanks go out to Liz Coldwell for organising us all and introducing each reading.

We then jumped on a few soldiers who were collecting for Soldiers off the Streets and had them pose with us Uniform Behaviour authors because, well, because Lucy likes soldiers, that’s why. ;)


And posed in front of the ‘Erotica Wall’


I enjoyed a brief food break and then REALLY enjoyed watching the Dance Seduction show on the main stage. Check out this little clip but I doubt it’s terribly safe for work, it is damn sexy though!


Dance Seduction Erotica Clip

We were then whisked away for secret talks with the lovely Jane Wynham Jones as we arranged our plots and plans for the erotica writers panel. Kitti Bernetti joined us and we set up the London room differently to help everyone hear for this panel and I think it worked well.


Lucy and I (I swear we weren’t joined at the hip!) Kay Jaybee and Kitti Bernetti all had fun asking and answering questions from Jane and the crowd who’d come to listen. We covered all kinds of topics from how to approach a publisher, why we write and how we get our inspiration to how do we keep our sex scenes fresh and wether we specialised or not.

We filed out and off to the Xcite stand to do some mingling and book signing. It was so lovely to meet some readers and to sign their copies of Tempting, they seemed to be selling like hot cakes! It had been a long day and at 7.30pm after KD’s book launch we all disappeared off to go home or get food.

Kev and I ended up with Lucy and the lad at Beluschi’s for a steak dinner that had all of us silent it was that good.

Hubs and I finally got back to the hotel at midnight after saying our goodbyes. So Sunday held an early morning and a 5 hour journey home by coach back home to Manchester. We both had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to do it all again!