Night of the Senses out Today!

The Night of The Senses BDSM anthology is now available from Total-E-Bound.

BUY Paperback NOW – £8.99

And you get not just one sexy sense but six written by some of the hottest erotic Authors out there including yours truly.

My Story for the anthology focuses on Scent and it’s called Vanilla Spice:

nightsenseChocolate, cakes and domination, what more could a girl want?

Emma hadn’t stepped out of her flat in six months. When she did it was the smell of a local patisserie that lured her down the street. Every day she walked to Jacques to admire the cakes and enjoy their scent, then she discovered Jack.

Jack, the patisserie owner and baker is just the dominant, commanding man she wants, but can she learn to accept her submissive nature? Will she indulge her appetite for sexual spice and ignore her good girl guilt or will she resist the temptation and regret it forever? BUY eBook NOW – £5.69

To celebrate Night of the Senses being released there will be a series of interviews with the awesome authors of the anthology for you to read here starting with, you guessed it, me!

And since my story concentrates on Scent, here are some smelly questions and answers!

What Perfume do you wear, Victoria? I wear Be Delicious by DKNY. I love those light, fruity scents that are fresh and zingy, they lift my mood.
Do you have an unusual scents that you love? Tar, I really love the smell when people are resurfacing the street. That deep, dark heavy tar smell really comforts me for some strange reason.
What is your favourite food scent? Oh now, I should know myself well enough by now to know that I can’t answer this question with one single scent. I love the smell of roasting parsnips, the scent of cinnamon especially when hot in biscuits and cakes. I love the zingy citrus scents and vanilla. Cardamom is tempting as is beef roasting or a steak cooking on the grill. I love the smell of food, I think it’s very important that a meal smells as well as looks and tasts tasty!
Okay, the other side of the coin now, what scents make you ill? I hate the smell of marmite and vegemite is even worse. My mum insists on gargling with TCP when she has a sore throat and I can’t stand it. Strong garlic odours that linger in the kitchen drive me wild and that smell over over cooked cabbage is enough to turn my stomach. And Cigarette smoke, that has to be my number 1 offensive smell mostly because I am asthmatic and it sets me off coughing if i smell it.
Share some of your scent based memories My mum has inherited a welsh dresser from my Nanna and every time I open a draw I am taken back to being a little girl in my Nanna’s back room preparing for our big Saturday afternoon meal. Another one related ot my Nanna and grandad is the scent that rises from the mix I do for my christmas pudding. We always used to have a stir each when Nanna made her Christmas puddings when we were little.

I won’t go so far as to thank myself for answering my questions but i will thank you for reading!

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