I’m bringing you a Christmas kiss in Flash fiction form. I’ve written this using my well loved Characters Leanna and Joe from Nice and Naughty. It’s just a little look at their Christmas after the end of the book.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa cries, striding into the room.

“Shhhhh, you’ll wake Lucy.” I wave a finger in front of my lips. “I only just got her to sleep.”

Santa walks closer, grabs my hair and pulls.

“Don’t shush me,” he growls, leaning over my upturned head and whispering. “Naughty girl.”

His kiss is hard and scorching, tinged with mince pie and alcohol. Santa had enjoyed the treats we left out.

“Sorry, Joe, oops, I mean Santa.” I giggle and he tugs my hair again, making me wince as the sharp pain explodes across my scalp.

“Now you’re just being bratty.” He guides me over to the dining chair by the Christmas tree. Santa’s seat. He drags me over his lap and slaps me hard several times until I kick my legs up and down and hiss in pain.

“You’re such a naughty girl, Leanna.” He tuts and continues to spank. The pain and pleasure heating my bottom, the bliss rolling through my body turning my limbs to water.

“Oh, Santa, don’t leave coal in my stocking. I’m a good girl really.”

“Show me.”

I drop to my knees and show him in the best way this good girl knows how.

© Victoria Blisse