New review for The Victoria Blisse Collection.

Hello all, How is your Saturday going? I’ve had a lovely relaxing day of kids films and playing with lego -pretty perfect eh? And I’ll tell you something else which is pretty perfect, this awesome review of The Victoria Blisse Collection from Letters Around Midnight. She has something awesome to say about each story individually and then about the collection as a whole. As you can purchase the stories individually too, I’m going to give you a little snippet from each part of the review.

“The story is well written and you find yourself really feeling for the character as she is run through every emotion in the book of broken hearts.”

“Cassie and the reader are whisked through Cassie’s sexual liberation at break neck speed. The full panoply of sexual experience is there in one story without ever sounding contrived. A great piece of story telling.”


“This a story you have to read with the “smell” check on. From “vinegar” to “vagina” I challenge anyone to read this story and not smell it as it happens.”

“”Till the End” is a good old office romance with an older woman younger man twist, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it has any less impact than the three stories before it. A great story with a great ending that wraps up not just this, the last of the four tales, but the whole book leaving you with a positive post orgasmic glow.”

“The sex throughout is hot, steamy and explicit; definitely not for the feint of heart, but I defy anyone to take offence at the graphic nature of the stories or the language as they are so well written. The defining characteristic of Ms Blisse’s work is that you feel for the very real characters she creates.”

If you’d like to read the whole review then pop over to the Letters Around Midnight Blog and check it out! Remember all the above titles are also available for kindle, ipod, nook etc. Just search your preferred store and I should pop up!