New releases and Coming soon news!

So, I’m a kind of editor type person now. No, really. I know it’s a shock but it’s sort of true. I’ve been given the great pleasure of bringing together all the Wednesday briefers bigger briefs. That makes it sound like I’m doing their laundry but no, I’ve brought together 14 really hot stories in two anthologies that other highly talented people have actually edited to make Wicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads (7 M/M voyeur tales) and Wicked Watchers: The pursuit of Pleasure (7 M/F stories of watchers and those being watched).

You need to get a copy, seriously. These 3k stories pack a punch and my fellow authors are multi talented and awesome. Please click here for the post with the full blurbs for each story!


Buy Links for Looking at the Lads:

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Buy Links for The Pursuit of Pleasure:

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And now I’ve got some incredibly squee-worthily exciting news for you. You know I have Point Vamp Vol 3 due out in the summer? Well it’s been moved forward in the release schedule to the 16th April! So now The Vampire’s Choice is only 3 weeks away. How cool is that? So here’s the blurb to get you in the mood!

Kyle maybe undead but he still lives at home with his Gran and works in a supermarket stacking shelves with his mates. His life hasn’t much changed apart from being dead and having to suck blood from live humans to survive.

Luckily he knows The Point a vampire bar where the humans are hot and tasty and eager to please. Well most of them are. Janine is the exception. She is cold and distant but from the first time he meets her Kyle is smitten.

But he has a problem. A hot but crazy female vamp has got him in her sights and she’ll stop at nothing to get him all to herself.

Josh has a decision to make and it will change his afterlife forever. Who will he chose?

I will share a pre-order link and cover art as soon as I get it!