Good Manors  is available now  from Totally Bound and all good ebook retailers, huzzah. This is my newest novel and although it took a lot of writing I’m immensely proud of the finished result. This book symbolizes the end of a year long dry patch where I didn’t write anything new. Good Manors was the book I started to write when I cleared the evil brain fog that went hand in hand with my gluten intolerance. Once I gave up gluten, the ideas started to flow and I could write once more.

The novel started out as something sweet and vanilla and then Xander turned out to be kinky. This might just be because I met a muse in my life and my mind got stuck in a certain direction! The novel is still pretty vanilla but with extra spanking, restraint and a little bit of wax play. If you’ve wondered about BDSM,but haven’t read any before, this might just be the read to introduce you to the genre. If you love the kink, then look out for my favourite scenes in the attic and the bathroom.



Mallard Hall plays host to games of submission and Dominance for one unique couple, but do the secrets of the past threaten the new bonds being forged?

India Grace, a respected journalist, is assigned to the estate for a behind the scenes look at how it runs. It is the last place in the world she wants to be. Back when she was young and naïve she took a photo of old Lord Mallard, which led to her success and his downfall. She carries the guilt with her to the location and it’s constantly in the back of her mind when she meets the hall’s latest owner, Xander Patrick.

Xander’s father died when he was only thirteen, and he doesn’t hold many good memories of him. He helped his mum build Mallard Hall back up, and since her death struggles to keep it going single-handedly. The last thing he needs is a meddling journalist poking into estate business, especially when the meager profits are mysteriously disappearing.

The two try to keep their distance but find themselves drawn together in many unexpected ways. A meal leads to an investigation of secret passageways and from that India and Xander explore their attraction, using different rooms of the hall for their kinky games.

In the end India’s secret will have to come out, but will it bring the couple closer together or tear them apart?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of light BDSM and voyeurism.


Here’s some fun in the Manor’s bathroom, one of my favourite scenes…you might even get to the jugs!

He shut the door behind us, pulled a bunch of keys from his inside pocket and turned an ancient key in the old brass lock.

“Just in case the tourists are still about.” Xander smiled.

“This is stunning.” I remembered the room from my tour with Gerald. The grand bathroom. It was just like it used to be, old-fashioned bath in the middle of the room. When the house had been built there hadn’t beenrunning water and the Mallards had preserved this one bathroom in all its ancient glory.

A stand in the corner held a massive porcelain basin and jug, decorated with a delicate floral pattern. In another corner lay a couple of the huge copper jugs the servants would have filled up with hot water from the kitchens and lugged up to the bathroom to fill the impressive bath every time one of the family wanted one.

“We didn’t have to do much with this room, it’s always been like this.”


“Yeah, this posh end of the house has never really been used much.” Xander shrugged.

“So you’ve never had a bath in there then?” I giggled.

“No.” He shook his head, the dark locks bouncing. “I never have.”

“I’d love to bathe in there.”

“Oh yes?”

“Yeah, have a hot, hunky man pour hot, bubbly water all over me as I stretch out and relax? I could go for that.” I turned to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. There was no need to be coy and I wanted him to know the hot guy I mentioned was him.

“Now if the kitchen wasn’t so far away and the house full of strangers I’d be willing to help you out with that fantasy. You’ll have to store it up for another time.”

My heart sank—there would never be another time. I didn’t dwell on it, though, as our lips met and I was consumed by his closeness, his caress.

“I might not be able to bathe you, my love, but I would like to get you naked.”

Xander pushed his hands up under my top and lifted it over my head. I was happy to let him strip me—I was ready for whatever would come from that. He threw the light, floral material onto the floor and put his hands on my waist again.

He studied me. The harder he looked, the hotter my cheeks felt. After a moment that stretched on forever, he shifted his hands and moved them up my back until he hit the band of my bra then he unfastened the clip, after only one false start. He peeled the cotton away from my body.

I held my breath. My breasts dipped to rest in their natural position. Mine weren’t the perky boobs of a fake porn star. For a moment I worried about that, then Xander cupped them tenderly in his hands, moaned, and all worry—hell, all thought—left my mind. Softly he flicked his thumbs back and forth, brushing over my nipples. They puckered and tightened with every flick. My breathing deepened, each breath an aroused pant.

“Not quite naked yet,” he mumbled, looking up and smiling at me. He then looked down again and pushed my skirt off my hips.

“Kick off your shoes,” he demanded.

I obeyed, dislodging my skirt at the same time. I was completely naked and he hadn’t even taken off his jacket. I shuddered, not from cold but from the realization that he had stripped me for his pleasure. I was vulnerable and naked at his command. He could ask me to do anything. And I knew I would do it without much hesitation. Whatever he wanted, I wanted.

Xander glanced round the room, his gaze calculating. I watched him intently, and suddenly his face lit up with a smile.

“Stand over there, by the jugs.” He pointed, and I walked.

Very aware that he was looking at me, I took my time and accentuated my hip movements. I’d give him something seriously sensual to appreciate. When I reached the wall, I stopped, facing it.

“This is an amazing view, India, but please turn around and face me.”

I turned around, and he nodded.

“This view is just as pleasant.” He smirked and walked toward me. “You’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I dipped my head, cowed slightly by the compliment.

“You’re welcome, now look at me.”

I lifted my chin and looked at Xander again. He stopped just a step in front of me. “Spread your legs.”

I followed his instructions, widening my stance. He smiled and stepped away from me.

I squinted and crinkled my brow in confusion. Where was he going?

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