New Release: Vanilla with Extra Nuts!

I’m thrilled to let you know that Vanilla with Extra Nuts is re-released with House of Erotica. It did a stint raising cash for the American Heart Foundation via All Romance Ebooks but now it’s retired from it’s charity work and is reincarnated with this super-sexy cover!

Vanilla with Extra Nuts New Release from Victoria Blisse

She’s just a vanilla girl until she finds her perfect toppings…

Megan is slowly falling in love with Adam until he confesses he’s seeing a guy behind her back. She thinks the relationship has been ruined until the night she indulges in a threesome with the man she loves and Simon, his lover.

As much as she enjoys being sandwiched between the two men she’s not sure the arrangement can last. So Megan has to decide. Can she come to terms with sharing the man she adores with his male lover or will she have to say goodbye to her soulmate forever?

As you can guess, this is a super-hot release from me although I hope you will agree when you read it that there’s an interesting plot beneath the writhing bodies. Here’s a little Excerpt just for you, be warned, it’s scorching hot!

I loved the helpless feeling of being immobilized by Adam’s leg over mine. He teased his finger down into my pubic hair and lower until his finger rested over my sticky clit. His finger lay there for a moment and I held my breath. Simon had one of my breasts in his hand and his lips were wrapped around my nipple. Adam was on the other side, kissing down my breast then his mouth hit my nipple and I moaned out with the pleasure of twin mouths sucking so erotically. As if that wasn’t enough, his finger on my clit started to undulate and I felt as if he’d flicked a switch as my whole body was flooded with pre-orgasmic energy.

I vibrated with it from my hair tips to my heels, from my toes to my nose, and all the places in between. I felt wonderful, like a goddess being worshipped by her loyal minions. Simon’s hand was over on my thigh now, pulling it open. He was no longer kissing, his chin rested on my breast and he watched Adams finger rubbing up and down my juice slicked cunt.

My cheeks flushed, I barely knew the man and there he was looking at my naked body and what lay between my splayed thighs.

“I’ve got to taste that,” he gasped and I opened my eyes to see Adam feed the finger he’d been masturbating me with into Simon’s mouth. It was one of the most erotic sights I’d ever had the pleasure to see. Especially as my juices were mingled with Adams. Only minutes earlier he’d come inside of me.

“Nectar.” Simon licked his lips. “I want more.” And without another word he slithered down my body until his face lined up with my open pussy. I couldn’t have closed my legs if I wanted to. Adam was draped over me on one side and Simon held my other thigh down with one of his big hands and I didn’t have to try to move it to know that his strength would overwhelm my efforts to escape.

I felt helpless, I felt vulnerable, and I felt so incredibly alive.

His breath caressed my wet lips and my clit perked up under its soft, arousing caress. I don’t think I breathed for a minute or more as I waited. Then as his mouth pressed against my plump lips I let it all out in one long moan. As his tongue lapped against me, bumping my sensitive flesh and my eager clit, I gasped and pushed my hips up. I felt the restriction of Adam’s leg keenly as I tried to press more of my hungering pussy to the very talented lips and tongue rubbing me in all the right ways.

Adam kissed me, cutting off my moans and muffling my gasps. Two tongues invaded me and teased me to the very heights of ecstasy. I was overloaded with the different touches and strokes over my body and I knew in a matter of moments I would explode. Then Simon stopped and I think I whimpered.

“Not yet, love, not yet.” Simon cooed and winked at me as I pouted down at him. “Damn, you and Adam make a fan-fucking-tastic cocktail. I always thought you would. I want to drink from your freshly fucked pussy on a regular basis now. It’s addictive.” I blushed but I smiled too. However, the smile was soon replaced as my jaw dropped. Simon parted Adam’s thighs and placed his juice covered lips around the very hard cock of my boyfriend. I’ve never seen a man give a blowjob before, nope never, so as well as being as hot as hell I found watching Simon’s technique very enlightening. He used his hands to tease and stroke Adam’s balls almost constantly and he kept up a steady rhythm. I ran a finger through my sticky folds as I watched eagerly and took note. Simon pulled away suddenly and it was Adam’s turn to whimper with disappointment.

“You know I love your cock, baby,” Simon purred, “but right now I want to feel that gorgeous pussy wrapped around my dick. You don’t mind, do you, buddy?”

“No, no, I completely understand. Go ahead man, fuck her. I can see she’s gagging for it.”

My jaw dropped in disbelief at the way Adam just treated me like some kind of possession, but I said nothing because I really did want to be fucked and I was, as he’d said, gagging for it. Simon moved back between my thighs and leaned over to the bedside table. He opened the little drawer and pulled out a condom. Obviously he was used to Adam’s habits and for a minute I felt the old feelings of jealousy and upset overcoming me, but as Simon sat back on his heels, peeled open the packet, and rolled the condom over his thick cock I forgot all that and the lust over took my emotions once again.

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