Today is the General release for the third book in my Point Vamp series, The Vampire’s Choice so to celebrate here’s a sexy, never been seen before excerpt from the new content I wrote to revamp this story. I loved revisiting Kyle, don’t tell the others, but I think he’s my favourite vampire of the bunch.

A crazy vampire or an ice-queen human, it’s not much of a choice but it is the one Kyle has to make.

Kyle may be undead, but he still lives at home with his Gran and works in a supermarket stacking shelves with his mates. His life hasn’t changed much, apart from being dead and having to suck blood from live humans to survive.

Luckily he knows The Point, a vampire bar where the humans are hot, tasty and eager to please. Well, most of them are. Janine is the exception. She is cold and distant, but from the first time he meets her, Kyle is smitten.

But he has a problem. A hot but crazy female vamp has got him in her sights and she’ll stop at nothing to get him all to herself.

Kyle has a decision to make and it will change his afterlife forever. Who will he choose?

Reader Advisory: This book contains Blood Sucking, Neck biting and other violence.

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been published under the same title by Totally Bound. It has been expanded, revised and re-edited for re-release.



“He’s bloody bonkers that man, he’s always fucking smiling!” Steve exclaimed

“I agree, mate, but please watch your language. If Gran hears you’ll be in such trouble.”

“Sorry, Gran.” Steve waved at her, sat across the way on the front pew. She waved back from under her large hat, covered in red poppies that bobbed about as she nodded.

“Not long ‘til kick off.” Josh grinned. “Are you ready, bud?”

“It’s not a game of footy, Josh, but yeah, I’m ready.” I smiled. I was going to end the day married to the most beautiful woman in the world. I was more than ready for it—I’d been waiting for it all my life. I’d always been the hopeless romantic who wanted it all, not just sex.

“Going down like flies, the lot of you. You’ll never see me hitching myself to one bird.”

“No bird would have you, more like,” Josh scoffed.

The two scuffled until they heard Gran’s cough from across the aisle. When we looked round, she was staring at us.

“Sorry, Gran,” we echoed together. The lads had always called her Gran. She’d adopted them from the moment she met them. We were all her boys.

She nodded at us, smiled and continued her conversation with the ladies around her, lots of Gran’s friends were in tow as they liked any excuse for a party

A few of the lads from work were there, and a couple of vamps from the bar. Carol the bartender was there with her girlfriend Danielle and every one of a paranormal nature had been warned to be on their best behaviour and not to scare the humans.

A quiet fell on the assembled guests and the scrawny man on the organ set off into the Wedding March with great gusto.

“You’re on.” Josh smiled and we all stood up.

Stopping Point is available now for 99p and the first book in the series, The Point is completely free to download at Totally Bound until the 30th September. The Vampire’s Choice is just £1.75 so pick up all 3 today…go on, you know you wanna.