New is fun. I’m constantly finding new things in this kink journey I’m on. When I stepped onto the scene 2 years ago I had no idea where it would lead. My idea of BDSM was coloured by the erotic romance I read and it took a while to realise that you can enjoy all kinds of kinky fun without needing that special one person to be your Dom.

In the 2 years I’ve had fun with a number of play partners (sometimes several at once!) and discovered that there is a real beauty in discovering a new dynamic with a new play partner. This past Sunday I got to play with someone new.

Well, the play was new. I’ve known Ric for a good while now. It’s just taken me a ridiculously long time to pluck up the courage to ask! I’m glad I did though and Sunday, at Kage, it happened. There’s something to be said for playing with someone you already know so well. Conversations on what could happen and what could be used were easy and I happily let him restrain me to the St Andrew’s Cross. A first, restraint and beating hadn’t gone hand in hand before.

I was wonderfully relaxed before we started but as Ric ran his hands over my back, even massaging the knot in the middle of my shoulders for me, I became even more so. I was smiling happily even before the impact began. And as the hand spanks built to using implements I became all the happier.

I met a whole range of new implements. Including a thick cane which was once a witches broom. I liked that. The knobbles in the bamboo gave interesting texture and the impact was a wonderfully thuddy sting, reminding me of the kendo canes I love so much.  There was a big, wide paddle, shaped like a butcher’s cleaver. Oh, that was a glorious thing. An echoing, heavy slapping thud of an impact which shook all the way through to well, the middle of next week. Glorious.

There was flogging, that at first cooled me, in the breeze of the moving fronds, then heated me with their stinging slap. I loved the warm, scent of leather that enveloped me as he used them on my back.

Ric discovered at some point, that I’m kinda tickly. This was a source of great glee for him. It’s something I find tops enjoy. Tenseld loves to use electric that makes me laugh, AvalonIsle runs his implements gently over my skin too, I thought as an introduction but no, I’m sure it’s to make me giggle. Ric however, really got a kick out of my giggles.

We moved part way through the scene as my legs were finding it difficult to hold me up on the cross, so I ended up on the rack. Not stretched, just laid flat. When there Ric got really cruel. With hard cane strikes and heavy impact but also with changes of pace. I thanked him, when he let up hitting me hard and gently scratched down my back (I think with pulled pork claws, but I can’t see out the back of my head) but then he dug theminto my tender butt so hard that I screamed and retracted the thank you. With a laugh, of course.

See, that’s another thing, this stuff is fun. It can involve laughter. Now, back to the tickling. Ric discovered several of my tickly spots and spent a while making me giggle. He did ask if that was okay because I’d agreed to being beaten, not tickled. But I was fine with it. I could feel and sometimes hear his glee from tickling me so much. It was delightful. And there is such a release in laughter. It was a beautiful contrast to the brutality of beating.

I wore the poor guy out. I mean, when we started he was fully dressed, by half way through he was half naked and by the end he was knackered. I could have laid there all afternoon, I was having so much fun. I did admit though, that he was definitely the one doing the hard work, I was just lying there. This people, is why multiple mean people are useful when beating a Victoria!

Tight hugs finished a wonderful session. I was light-headed (I rarely get totally spacey) and smiley. It was a wonderful first, a new experience and hopefully something to repeated soon.

There is so much new to be embraced, experimented with and discovered. I can’t wait to find more.