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sdsvxJust in time to make the perfect stocking filler it’s the Sequel to Getting Physical at long last!

Getting Intimate is part two of the three part “Getting Together” series and hopefully it won’t take me 3 years to get round to writing the last book. Terri and John are such great characters I knew I would have to continue with their story. Getting Physical is very much the beginning of the relationship, Getting Intimate shows how that relationship grows and deepens and shows how fragile it really is.

Here’s the blurb:

John and Terri have been dating for six months now, and John is anxious to commemorate this special anniversary. As much as Terri loves the time she spends with John, she still can’t shake her negative self-worth. When a series of misunderstandings drives the two apart, it’s up to John to convince the woman he loves that she’s the only one with whom he wants to be intimate.

And an excerpt as promised!

When John said ‘but,’ I held my breath. I thought he was going to say something terrible. As he finished the sentence I began to smile.

“Well, I have been naughty,” I dropped my eyes and pouted, “but surely a good ticking off will be enough. You don’t need to spank me.”

“Oh, but I do. I think naughty girls need a good spanking or they forget what they’re not supposed to do.”

John squeezed my arm then rolled over to the edge of the bed. “Come on, over my knee, young lady. Show me how sorry you really are.”

“Yes, Sir,” I sighed and very slowly got up off the bed. I wanted to run over. I couldn’t wait to feel the impact of his hard hand against my soft buttocks, but I played along with the game. I knew that would make the experience all the better.

“Come on, girl, today. Hurry or I’ll add more spanks!”

I scurried round and stood before him. My heart hammered away in my chest and as he patted his thigh, just a few inches away from his straining hard on, my pussy throbbed with pleasure. I stepped forward and bent.

He guided me down over his lap, until my fingers dragged along the soft carpet. I could feel his cock pressing between my stomach and my pubis and I wanted to forget the spanking. I wanted to drop to my knees and take that glorious hardness between my lips. As I was distracted by that mouth-watering treat, John hooked his fingers into the top of my much-abused knickers, pulling them down to reveal my creamy white cheeks.

I began to struggle a little. I wanted to get back into the game.

“Stop it,” he said, his hand slapping down onto my flesh to emphasise that he meant business. “Lay still and take your punishment like a good girl.”

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