I met The Blonde One (Blonde) a few months ago at pizza munch. We hit it off there and got to chatting via messages later. We’ve seen each other a few times at events, even casually played a little bit. I mean, how can I resist a handsome mean man with a flogger? All little tasters that left me wanting more. Timing hadn’t worked out so well for that, though, until Saturday.

It was the regular Miss T’s Afterparty and Kev and I were there with the tombola in tow. I was wrapped up snug because of a bugger of a chest infection but determined to have fun after a week of not socialising for fear of coughing up a lung.

I was thrilled when Blonde arrived and even more thrilled when his mean flogger (named Ramsey, yep a GoT reference) and my birthday beats were mentioned.

Yes, it’s very much nowhere near my birthday anymore, but I’d been promised them and hadn’t had opportunity to claim them. And yeah, I’m milking my 40th for all it’s worth, so sue me :p

Believe it or not, I’m still a bit shy about asking for a beating and especially so when it’s someone new. It took a little time to work up to it but then, I asked…and moments later I was in the dungeon preparing for a beating. Yay!

There was only us in there, which I was thankful for. I’m not bothered by people watching—hell, I really enjoy it actually—but with not being totally well, I wasn’t sure how things might go. I was eager though, I’m always eager.

We did the pre-negotiations, quickly and efficiently. Want a warm up? 40 birthday spanks (at least ;)) and a check in on safe word. I got boots off but left on my other layers, they just got floofed up onto my back, which somehow made me feel more exposed than usual. Must have been the contrast of bare buttocks in tiny thong and my very thoroughly clothed top half! I always feel more vulnerable when the person beating me has a hand in my disrobing too and Blonde had to tuck up my skirts to make sure everything was rightly exposed. Silly really, but it made me blush.

He had his implements ready, plus a few borrowed from Miss T’s own extensive kit. His inner sadist led him directly to evil paddles. I was pleasantly petrified.  There’s always a moment at the beginning of any beating where I feel everything coalesce. I have to take a deep breath and concentrate. On the spanking bench at Miss T’s I find myself looking into the mirror. I concentrate on my reflection for a moment then catch a glimpse of the meanie behind.

Well, the way the mirror is I can only see legs and torso, but that often shows me what’s in hand, so to speak. Nothing was in Blonde’s hand but it was soon pressed against my flesh. It is a wonderfully effective implement. Hard but giving in a unique way that makes the impact more personal, gives a connection you just don’t get with anything else.

And Blonde spanked me hard. I liked the firmness, the determination shown from the first strike. I was soon murmuring as the skin warmed.

“It’s reddening nicely.” He said after only a handful (ha) of spanks. I could feel the warmth that backed up what he told me. He moved on to an implement, a paddle I believe. And that hurt. Asked to supply a number, I panicked at first (I don’t do great with thinking and being beaten) but once explained it was to gauge level, I managed to ask for a 5.  I mean, I am a masochist after all, even if a poorly one.

Unfortunately, a 5 with the mango paddle was very ouchie. I squeaked, I definitely squeaked.

“Maybe a three, then.” I re-requested. And the next hit, though purposeful wasn’t quite so jarring.

Not that I didn’t enjoy the jarring. I do enjoy a hard, unexpected hit, even from cold. And the shock worked to pull me into the right headspace for a beating. I stopped worrying about what could go wrong and concentrated on what was going so very right.

The impacts were focused, slow, gave me time to react. I feel that was for both of us, so he could judge the next hit and so I could get into the right headspace. Blonde leant forward over me, hand on my lower back.

“Take a deep breath in.” He stated with a natural authority that had me complying before I even thought. “And out.”

I was super focused. On my breathing. On his closeness, on the anticipation of what was to come.

“This is going to hurt.”

Instant, stabbing, all-consuming fear and arousal gripped me. I tightened every muscle, mental and physical and those seconds, possibly only milliseconds stretched out to a thin hairs-breadth of tension that ached so profoundly, the physical impact was an actual relief. And it hurt. Oh, it really hurt.

I made a noise. A loud, high pitched screamy shriek of a noise.  He laughed. What is it about sadists? They always laugh when I scream.

At this point, I believe Ramsey got introduced. A beautiful, heavy rubber flogger that thumps and stings. The perfect combination of pain for me.

“Welcome to your 10th Birthday,” he said after the first batch, giving me chance to draw breath. It made me smile, reminded me of the purpose of this whole experience. Celebration.

I was louder and squeakier and when I got restless, Blonde would lean in, grab my hair and tell me to breathe in. Every time I would settle, refocus and enjoy the strike after the anticipation all the more. Those simple instructions were an instrument of control. Switched on my submission with an electric burst. No thought, only reaction and my reaction was to please him, to do as I was told.

I was flogged in sets of ten and we got to my 40th quite quickly.


But I got more hand spanks. I loved the hand spanks. We had a conversation about how nothing beats a hand. I remember the conversation but I don’t remember the precise words, I think that was because he was spanking me at the time, so I can be forgiven for that, right?

And there was more paddle too. I remember one strike to the top of my left thigh that made me scream and lean over on one leg in reaction. That thigh was cold before the impact.Wicked, wicked sadist.

Oh, they are my favourite kind.

The beats stopped sooner than I’d like. I was getting a lil’bleedy but it was enough to be satisfied. Especially with me not being so well, pushing limits wouldn’t have been wise. Between you (the whole interwebz) and me, I think he did it on purpose to. To leave me wanting more. And boy, do I want more.

I look forward to new beats becoming regular beats because as I told Blonde, my favourite kind of beats are more beats!