Naughty Tease.

So Naughty Rendezvous will be available from Xcite books next Thursday,so I thought today I’d give you a little tease so you can get an idea of what to expect!


The conversation flows as we walk over to my home. Conversation has always been easy with Joe. From PM number one, we just kept on chatting.

‘So Lucy’s with your mom, huh?’ he asks.

‘Yeah, she is. She’s staying overnight and will be home tomorrow.’

‘I bet you miss her.’

‘Yes and no,’ I reply as I slip my arm into the crook of his as his hand is buried deep in his pocket. I shiver as I think about our bodies joining and get a very vivid flash of our naked bodies thrusting against each other, our lips locked, our arms entangled. I shake my head and continue,’I miss her but it is nice to have some time to myself for a change, you know?’

‘Well, I can leave if you like,’ He huffs with fake affront and I slap his arm playfully.

‘Oh hush, you know what I mean. It will be good to be by myself with you. That’s not very good English, is it?’

‘No, but then I ain’t one to pick up on grammar and such. I get picked up on my Americanisms so often, I give others a break.’

‘You can’t help that you speak funny,’ I reply with a twinkle in my eye. ‘They all do over there.’

‘Y’all speak a completely different language to me, that’s for sure,’ he chuckles, the rumble running through his body and into mine, making me vibrate pleasurably.

I love walking like this, so close to him. I love the way he rubs against me, the way I can feel his body heat. I love the feel of his arm as I grasp it and again I think of grasping hold of Joe and bracing myself as he plunges inside me with that throbbing cock.

Damn, I’m horny, so fucking horny I want to just push him up against the door and fuck him here on my doorstep.

‘Are you all right?’ Joe’s voice breaks into my daydream and I look up and blush.

‘Oh yes, sorry, I was just thinking.’ I duck my head down and look for my keys. Then he moves closer, his mouth beside to my ear.

‘Thinking what?’ I feel, as well as hear, his whisper.

I look up from my search and move my head to the side. Our eyes meet and suddenly I am leaning in and placing a kiss upon his lips.

‘Nice,’ he whispers, ‘but I still want to know what you were thinking. I bet it was naughty.’

I blush once again and put the key in the door. Then his hand comes down on top of mine, his body just behind me, his mouth by my ear.

‘It was, wasn’t it? What were you thinking, Leanna, please tell me.’

I feel butterflies in my stomach. I am not sure if I’m scared or excited or embarrassed or even a mix of all three but I speak. Haltingly I stutter, ‘I was thinking about holding on to your arms as you slide your … your … yourself into me.’

His hand lifts from mine and I hear him softly moan. I finish turning the key and walk into my hallway. I am aware that Joe is still right behind me and he’s helping me as I shrug off my coat.

I can sense the thump,thump, thump of my heart echoing inside my head. My blood must be whizzing around at hyper speed as I feel all my extremities tingle, all from that moan, that tiny little moan of pleasure. I don’t care about my embarrassment now. I play that soft exhalation of air over and over again in my mind. Taking a breath, I turn round to face him.

‘Would you like a drink?’ I keep my voice level although I feel less than level inside.

‘Yeah, sure.’ Joe smiles at me, his cheeks flushed. From the cold, I wonder, or maybe the kiss?

‘OK, the living room is on your left,’ I call over my shoulder as I walk straight to my kitchen. ‘I’ll see you in there in a minute.’

I take my time as I put on the kettle, find the coffee granules and grab a mug. I’ve got to calm down, but oh, am I desperate for some action. What is it now? Well, over a year since I last had sex. No wonder I’m gagging for it. I’ve got to halt these rampaging hormones; I’m a respectable mother now, not a horny teenager.

Suddenly large hands are upon my hips and I feel breath on my ear. I jump a little, startled and horny once more. His lips brush against my ear lobe and I tilt my head, throwing my hazel curls to the side. The lips slip down and press against my throat. I gulp and they kiss my flesh again, harder this time. A moan escapes from betwixt my own parted lips.

‘Is that my coffee?’ Joe’s lips are no longer upon my throat and his hand has reached around and picked up his drink. Without waiting for a reply, he picks it up and strides off into the living room.

To find out what happens next you’ll have to pick up the ebook next Thursday or if you wait ’til November you’ll be able to get all three Rendezvous books in a Print volume called Tempting Rendezvous! I’ll be signing copies of it at Erotica in London on the 19th November, I hope I’ll see you there!

Psssssst, I just found out Naughty Rendezvous is already available on All Romance Eboooks. So if you can’t wait pick it up today!