Naughty Rendezvous Blog Tour Day 4 + Meet Blisse online!

I’m over on Rachel Leigh’s Blog today, talking about humour in Erotica. As you probably know, my stories get a bit funny from time to time but does erotica lead itself to humourous interludes? Pop over to Rachel’s blog today and let me know your thoughts.


And I just want to give you a little advance notice. Saturday at 9pm GMT, which I believe is 3pm EST I am going to do the very first Blisse Book Launch Hangout over on google plus!

So what does that actually mean? Good question. It means that this Saturday, 26th November I’m going to be reading from my new print release, Tempting Rendezvous and you can be there from the comfort of your living room (or wherever your computer is!) all you need is a Google plus account.

I believe G+ is open to everyone nnow and it’s very easy to sign up. Make sure you circle me,(It’s the G+ lingo for a friend request type thing)so I can make sure you get an invite to the party.

At 9pm I’ll start the hangout. It’ll come up as a notification for you and you’ll just have to click to join in. I’ll be there in the flesh on my webcam but I believe you don’t have to have a have a webcam to join in, you can just type to me! So I’ll be there at the other end in the flesh so to speak so you’ll actually be interacting with me face to face (sort of) not keyboard to keyboard!

I’ll be reading 2 excerpts from Tempting Rendezvous and will be answering any questions you might have!

Bring your own booze and sweet treats, there’s no dress code and this oparty is open to everyone. Definitely the best place to be at 9pm GMT on Saturday!