My Writing Process Blog Tour -Writing the Blisse Way!

My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Thanks to the ever lovely KD Grace for inviting me to join in with fun. Now on to the questions about my writing process. I might even learn something about it myself. ;)


1) What am I working on?

Good question. I’ve got a 30k novella I’ve just read through which I originally wrote in a weekend (Yes, it was mad and no, I’m not going to do it again *L*) and it needs some serious fleshing out. I’ve not got round to doing that bit yet. I’ve also got a few short stories I want to write and it seems I’ve just come up with an idea for a sequel to my Masquerading Hearts short story…and then I have a Point Vamp and a Djinn’s Amulet novella to write.What will actually come next I don’t know yet!

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I think there’s a couple of things that make a Blisse story, one is the featuring of a curvy character. More often than not it’s a woman with killer curves, but occasionally it’s a bloke. I love to champion women like myself, curvy, sexy and fun because I got sick of reading about stupidly thin women with big boobs getting all the romance action. I want every woman to know she’s sexy just as she is. It’s not a body shape, it’s an attitude.

Really Cooking MED

And the Second element is humour. I write funny even when I’m not really thinking about it. Life is filled with humour and it’s often what makes it bearable. Also, what does every woman say she wants from a man? A good sense of humour. I think it’s very possible to be funny and sexy. I love writing sex scenes which have a touch of humour to them too. There are a few of them in my latest novel, Really Cooking. Especially when two naughty, hot bi guys decide to get Paula covered in chocolate. Here’s a snippet from that novel that illustrates these two Blisse strengths!

“Now if you want sexy, you’ve got to try one of these strawberries.” Gary tilted forward and dipped a bright red strawberry into the dark chocolate once more then bent over me to offer it to Shane. As Shane stretched over to bite into it a glob of warm chocolate dropped and landed right in the middle of my amply displayed cleavage.

“Whoops,” Gary said and let go of the strawberry. His finger dipped down to my breasts and stroked the chocolate up off my skin then licked his finger. “Waste not, want not.” He gave a cheeky wink then laughed. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was hot, flustered and my heart raced. I could feel the imprint of his fingers on my skin and I longed to feel all of them cupping my breasts. Before I could regain my composure Shane finished his mouthful of strawberry.

“I didn’t think about drips, maybe we should do something so they don’t end up on our clothes.” He remarked. “I can go and get…” I started but never finished my sentence because he began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Don’t bother, we can just take these off, it’s easier to clean skin than expensive shirts.”

I felt like a fan at a tennis final as I looked from left to right unable to decide on one man to watch. Inch by inch of manly chest was revealed until the guys were both topless. If I had been flustered before well, at that point my mind was complete mush and I’d lost all ability to speak.

“That’s better,” Gary said and reached for another strawberry, then Shane interrupted.

“What about our trousers though, yours are white, mine are sandy, it’ll look like we’ve shit ourselves if we drip chocolate on them.”

“Better whip them off too then,” Gary said with a shrug then stood up, flicked off his shoes and pulled down his trousers. I looked to my right and Shane was doing the same thing.

“You should take off that pretty dress, Paula, before you get it messy. You’ve already had a near miss.”

“But then I’ll—I’ll just have—I mean I’m not very…oh, okay.”

I had loads of excuses for not taking my dress off but with these two gorgeous men standing nigh on naked before me none of them really sounded very valid.

3) Why do I write what I do?

People are pretty surprised to find out that I’m a Christian and I write erotic romance. Somehow it’s not the first combination that jumps to mind. However, I’m convinced that God likes sex (he invented it after all) and I love writing about two people connection together physically, spiritually and sexually.

I love to write erotic scenes, my story ideas nearly always develop with erotic elements and while that happens, I’ll keep writing’em!

4) How does your writing process work?

If anyone knows, will they tell me? I’m not sure my process is the most well organised process. Generally I get a glimpse of an idea. It might be a character who comes to mind first, then I find their setting and their plot. Sometimes one particular scene will come to mind first and I build a story around that. Sometimes it might just be a word or a theme and everything will unroll from there. It could be something I’ve seen that sparks of an idea.

Then well, I sit down and write it. I don’t have a plan and even when I do it’s usually fairly light, a few sentences at most. Ideas often pile up in my brain so I write a few lines down to remind me of the idea later. That’s about as indepth as my planning gets.

Then I edit, groan and moan about editing, then submit and bite my nails. I’m thankful that I get more stories accepted than rejected and so I go back to the beginning of the process and start all over again!

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