This week’s ponderings are a mix up from two weeks of sermons. Last week we had a visiting preacher, a lovely lady who I’m fairly certain is called Elizabeth (hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong) and we were looking at the passage in the bible about the mustard seed, how it grows into a huge bush and how our faith is like a mustard seed.

Essentially, the mustard bush Jesus was talking about was a weed. Elizabeth said we were called to be like weeds, getting everywhere, sowing our seeds of faith, love and compassion. That we’re pretty weeds. That phrase stuck with me, pretty weeds.

pretty weed sm

The above picture is of a plant in my garden. Pretty isn’t it? Yep, but I didn’t plant it. I had something else in that tub-I can’t remember what-and that plant gave up the ghost. I have whatever the opposite of green thumbs are -brown fingers? Anyway, for ages that tub lay barren, then one day something started growing and eventually it turned into the spiky bush thing you see before you now. Looks like it was meant to be there but nope, it’s essentially a weed, a pretty weed.

So sometimes our seeds get blown about on the wind (or ingested by birds and then…well, you know) and instead of landing where we want them to or doing what we want them to, they land elsewhere, take root and grow.

When we are kind and compassionate, when we do something for others sometimes it doesn’t quite go to plan. Well, it doesn’t go to OUR plan. Remember, God’s in control and wherever our seeds of love, forgiveness, kindness and generosity land, they have the opportunity to bloom.

Like with a dandelion clock. We’re just blowing it to make us smile, maybe entertain a child, but those seeds spread out and plant in all kinds of places. Each time we show Jesus’s love it’s like blowing on a dandelion clock. We might think we’re only affecting one person but the love we pass on multiplies.


Today, Clive preached on the feeding of the 5 thousand story. Jesus was off, trying to find somewhere quiet to mourn an awful, personal tragedy (the killing of his cousin John) and when he gets in to the nice, quiet dessert he finds thousands of people waiting for him. What does he do? He makes sure they’re all fed, with just a few chunks of bread and a couple of fish. Wow.

Just a small offering, can do so much. If we all give a little, it can amount to a lot. A positive thought, a prayer, a heart hug is mafnified by God and becomes so much more than it’s composite parts. So much more in fact that there will be left overs, not just enough to go round, loads of left overs.


Again, it’s like we’re pretty weeds, getting into every nook and crack of community, world wide. Filling dark places with beauty and light. And on that note, what do you think about the new sign at church, gorgeous isn’t it?

St agnes signs

I’m torn between being incredibly proud of it (because it is brilliant, and welcoming and warm) but sad because we have to add the extra bits. ALL churches should be inclusive and welcoming to all. One day, eh? We’ll get there one day. If we all do our best to spread like pretty weeds into the world around us.