Firstly, apologies for my hiatus. I didn’t mean to miss so many weeks, but then I got struck down with a horrid virus, followed by a wonderful holiday and now I’m in the midst of Smut by the Sea Prep but I’ve been thinking, so I’ve managed to type up a post!

We Christians are pretty sure we know who God is, Jesus is there in the bible so we know all about him but we get a bit confused when it comes to the Holy Spirit.Well, I know I do. Who is the Holy Spirit?

I thought my vicar (Hi Clive!) Summed it up quite succinctly for us when he talked about the relationship between Jesus’ ascension and Pentecost.

“What goes up MUST come down”

Meaning Jesus went up to Heaven and sent down all his traits in the form of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.


Cool eh? He always promised a helper for when he returned to his Father. We have the Holy Spirit, the essence of Jesus inside us as Christians. Mind blowing. At least it can be when you let her do her work.

I’m human so I know a lot of the time I try to do things my way. That often doesn’t work out well. I get stressed, worried, weighed down with responsibility and overwhelmed.

I had a taste of that this week. It’s Smut by the Sea in Scarborough this weekend so I have lots to prepare for that. I also have a novel coming out Friday (Her Secret Past, pick it up now at Totally Bound) and promotion for that to do, there’s lots to do in my school governor’s role too and the general day to day running of my family(who are awesome btw) and my home.I tried to do it all under my own steam.

NUH UH. Didn’t work. Melt down ensued on Monday, a day when nothing seemed to go right. Thankfully God is good and on Sunday I had been truly filled up with the Spirit.It wasn’t anything weird and uncomfortable. All that happned was that we sang several songs and let ourselves focus in on the Holy Spirit. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck and on my arms rise. Not quite flames and tongues but equally as important to me. It was a blessed pentecost I can tell you! So after melting down on Monday I remembered something, Everything is possible with God (Matt 19:26).

So I prayed. Nothing fancy. I was stood at a bust stop at the time. But focusing on God and letting the Holy Spirit in to my day turned my negatives into positives. My ‘I’ll never get it done’ whine I turned in for counting my blessings, making some sensible lists and just getting on with it. Letting the Holy Spirit sooth me and remind me of God’s love and care kicked everything into perspective.

So who is the Holy Spirit? She is the voice of calm in stress, she is the one keeping you safe, she is the one who fills you with the power to do ANYTHING. The gift of God to help us keep going, a little bit of Jesus deep in our souls.

I’m spirit filled, Thank God! I’d be a wreak without her.