At the school where I’m Chair of governors, their theme for this last term is Native Americans. In the last few weeks I’ve walked into many rooms to be faced by cardboard looms and wool and beaming children showing off their work. It’s made me smile as I remember doing weaving in primary school myself and how much joy I got from creating my own little piece of cloth.

At church on on Sunday Clive was talking about weaving, about each of us being shuttles, taking a thread of love/joy/peace right to the spot it’s needed, even if we have to travel a long way to get there.

Clive’s Shuttle got me thinking about looms and weaving generally. Woven material is made up of lots and lots and lots of threads all pulling together. One thread on it’s own isn’t very strong, but a piece of cloth is pretty damn tough. Sometimes in my life I feel like a single thread. Being a writer is quite a lonely occupation in that you spend alot of time alone in your own head and being a Christian who, shall we say, is less than conservative and not all that conventional, I’ve known many times when I’ve thought I was all on my own.

The great thing is, I’ve discovered people, other single threads who I’ve weaved together with in my writing and my Christian life. I’ve got a bunch of smutty authors who I rely upon heavily, including the Brit Babes and many many more. The erotic author community is a happy, friendly and welcoming place and I’m proud to be part of that particular bit of smooth, sexy velvety black cloth…so to speak.

And you all know by now that I’ve found my spiritual home at St Agnes’s in North Reddish. I don’t suppose there’s anyone else out there who believes exactly what I believe, I don’t think any of the folks at church write erotica either but St Agnes is about inclusion. It’s a welcoming place for all kinds of folks, no matter who they are or where they come from. I’m a super sparkly thread in the fabulously sparkly cloth of that church. It’s sparkly ‘cos of all the love, obviously.

Then there’s other woven communities I’m part of, my family, the school where I’m chair of governors, my friends…lots of different types of cloth.

pretty quilt

What’s brilliant is that I am woven into all of these communities I’m part of a wonderful cloth of many colours and textures and I love it.