The other night I had a dream. I have and remember lots of dreams but this one was different. Mostly they’re weird, sometimes fantastical and other times actually petty good inspirations for stories. However this dream I’m fairly certain was one of them word from God types.

I was in a church. Not my Church, just a churchy looking building. And people were praying. Now this is the bit that gives it away it was a dream. A few of these people we’re kneeling on chairs, resting their elbows on the backs and linking their hands in prayer. One woman was very loudly telling people that to pray properly they needed to do it just like her.


When she directed her comments to me, I wouldn’t do it. I walked around the church and shouted out to all gathered there.

“You don’t have to do anything special to pray. Just make yourself comfy and talk. It’s just like chatting with your best mate. How do you do that? With a brew in hand, relaxed and laid back. You say things like ‘No, really? He Did what? Wow, that’s amazing!’ And your friend listens and answers.”

In my dream I looked round and people were smiling and nodding their head at me. People were sitting down in the chairs however they wanted to.

“It’s like chatting to your mate. they know what you’re going to say before you say it, they know what you feel inside and tell you how you’re feeling. It’s totally amazing and terrifying at the same time.”

That’s all I remember of the dream but I thought it was worth sharing. Yes, there’s a time and a place for pomp and ceremony but pray should be just like a convo with your bezzy mate.