Well, this week’s walk is going to give you some of the lowdown on the fun from Eroticon this past weekend. Organised by the wonderful Ruby Kiddell it’s a weekend of fun, chats and thought provoking workshops. I will give a more thorough overview of the weekend in my post tomorrow but today I’m focusing on the one session I led with my fellow Brit Babe the very lovely KD Grace

We’ve been talking about Sex and Spirituality since we met many moons ago and at last year’s eroticon KD and I had an indepth discussion about it and how we thought it’d make a great session for the next year’s event. Luckily Ruby agreed and Sex and Spirituality was one of the first sessions listed for Eroticon 2014.

We had an amazing Powerpoint presentation created by Kev Blisse it was one slide long, but that one slide was amazing, take a look.


We started out with a quick intro and an excerpt each, here’s mine, taken from Sharing Nicely.

“Fuck, I want you.” He cursed and scrambled up between my thighs. I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me. I smiled weakly, too languorous to do anything with any real vigour. He returned the smile but there was something in his gaze that unsettled me—it was the first time I’d seen him truly undone in all the time we’d spent together.
He leaned leant forward and cupped my face in his hand and stroked away the tear that had dampened my cheek. His smile lengthened. I turned my head and kissed his thumb tip then. As I enveloped it with my mouth he closed his eyes and moaned with deep desire.

Pulling his thumb from between my lips with a pop, he set to undoing his pants and pushing them down his legs. He took a foil packet from the pocket and sheathed his hard, long erection before covering me completely with his body and pressing into me.

He was slow and gentle at first. My walls contracted around him as he slid deeper into my wet heat and when he moved I wrapped my legs around him and encouraged him deeper and deeper still with each thrust. From coiled control he turned into hammering desire, falling completely into the thrall of his lust as he sated himself on my body. Finally my bound hands fell down from their position above my neck to link around the back of his neck. I felt completely connected to him as he climbed closer to the brink of climax.

I watched when he came. His face screwed up in concentration and desire then released with the ecstasy that flowed from his body. I craned my neck and kissed him softly in thanks. He smiled in response then relaxed against me, burying his head in my shoulder. I remembered how little he’d smiled when we first met, how I’d been certain he didn’t do it often. Yet he seemed to grin at me all the time when he was with me, now we’d been together a while.
We held there in that position for a long time while. I was sexually sated but my spirit was agitated. Something special had just happened. It wasn’t just about lust and passion, something deeper had blossomed between Greg and me. I didn’t know if it was just me, though. Maybe Greg hadn’t noticed it.

I wanted to say something, to explain what I felt, but I was too scared to do so. What if he’d not felt it at all? What if it was all in my imagination.

After our introductions we dived right in with our first C, Creation. We talked about creation stories, about the creative process and of course the creation element of sex. It was a great group of folks, and everyone chipped in with ideas and examples of how sex and spirituality meld in their lives. We covered the other two C’s, Connection and control.

We explored the level of vulnerability that connects sex and spirituality, you have to be open, often broken, to be in a position to connect with a lover or God or your own spirit. It’s a scary thing, a beautiful thing and something that we all need. We talked about control, getting it and losing it and other words we could use instead of spirituality as it seems to be one that polarises people so much. We didn’t really find one, but we did delve into the reasons people may be scared of anything labelled spiritual and how it feels to be connected.

I was blown away by the level of connectivity in the room. One of the ways we described the feeling of being one with the spiritual was a tingling just above the level of the skin. I had that tingling for the duration of the session. God was certainly telling me I was in the right place at the right time. Ta, God.

So my work crossed with my walk this week and it was good. For more eroticon goodness come back tomorrow for pics of me in my cocktail dress, some interesting business cards (spankers), badges, smut and more!