It’s not all about the walk, sometimes it’s about the sitting. I spent a wonderful afternoon with the ladies guild last Wednesday, they’re delightful, made me feel so very welcome and have invited me back, woo hoo.

My lovely vicar, Clive volunteered to pick me up and take me home. When I emailed him for details it turned out he had to go pick someone else up too. To lighten his load I volunteered to get the bus, but he said he was happy to give me the lift, his car is TARDIS- like and I shouldn’t have to waste time on public transport.

It was very good of him, and a 20 minute car ride is preferable to an hour’s plus on a bus. But what Clive doesn’t know is that I use my time on on public transport. I told the ladies guild that I get my best ideas on public transport and it’s very true. Because I have to gaze out of the window (I get travel sick otherwise) I’m always picking up on little moments of inspiration from there. My mind has time to create because I’m not having to think about anything else.

view from a bus

Also, it’s a good place to pray. I often sit and have a conversation with God while I’m whizzing from one end of town to the other. So I may spend alot of my time waiting for and using buses,trams and trains but it’s not wasted time, Thank God. It’s my built in me time. Time to pray, time to recharge, time to imagine and create.

Modern life is busy, I’m thankful for the relatively quiet moments I get on the bus, it can be the only ‘me’ time I get in a day. I’m also thankful for kind folks who save me time by offering me lifts. There’s only so much sitting on a bus you can do!