It’s not every church that embraces hecklers, but mine does. In fact, the congregation is encouraged to join in with all aspects of the service not just the responses we have to read out or the odd, half asleep ‘amen’ either.

Last Sunday Clive Larsen led us into a meditative frame of mind and one of the things he’s ultra brilliant at is painting a word picture, not unlike a parable. He was talking about all the angst in the world, all the pain and chaos and conflict. And he painted a picture of being sat in the opticians chair with that weird old contraption over your ears and the optician sliding in different lenses until the perfect lens for you is found.

The spiritual lenses are things like hope, positivity, compassion, love and charity. And when you get the perfect combination of those things it’s heaven.


I’m not sure what Clive was going to say, but in my mind a sentence stuck out and as he said “Heaven is…” I shouted up and finished the sentence with “A new pair of specs.” That’s glasses, to those who don’t speak english like wot we does.

Heaven is a new pair of specs. Seeing everything with perfect clarity, with love and positivity and hope. It’s a beautiful image and Clive rolled with it. Talking about clearing the lenses of people who’s spiritual glasses are a bit mucky. They just need a bit of a hand to clean their glasses and the positivity and love will shine through and change their perspective.

As we shared hugs for the peace (yes, hugs!) I embraced Clive and told him that he’d given me the inspiration for this weeks blog. He’d kinda guessed that was the case!


So if you’re feeling a bit jaded, if all you’re seeing about you is doom and gloom then maybe you need to clean your spiritual lenses so you can let the love, the hope, the positive energy shine through.