Little Bastard Stick

I like to make people happy. I like to make meanies happy. It’s an act of submission to offer up my masochism and my body for a sadist to use. Or more than one, if I’m lucky.

Every time I play I give myself to another’s pleasure. It’s different every time. Sometimes it’s intense one on one like with AI at Play club, beating my boobs. Other times it’s a show, pleasing an audience too like my first ever whipping by Sensei 2 years ago. And sometimes it’s just a giggle like my tickle sprinkled scene with Ric.

My need to please leads to me getting in the way of meanies with mean things in a spontaneous way ALL THE TIME. Always consensual. I must stress that. I never do anything I don’t want to do. I may endure a little longer, I may try something I’m a little afraid of if I’m pleasing someone I trust but I am always enjoying what happens to me. Pushing on, seeing what I can actually take is a joy to me. It’s not about someone else pushing my boundaries, it’s about me allowing that person to push my limits. There is, most assuredly, a huge difference.

Last week at Carefree and Kinky, my dear friend Maenad yelled over,

“V, can I borrow your boobies?”

And being the lovely person I am I said yes. Even when I saw that she was holding a little bastard stick in her hand. An innocent looking plastic like stick with a handle, this implement really earns its name by leaving instant marks and hurting like an absolute bitch. Before I know it, the little bastard stick is being used to decorate my already heavily bruised boobs. First, by Maenad alone but then more meanies joined in CaS, Ric and Lou. My galaxy boobs turned into fireworks! The strikes were precisely laid so they fanned out beautifully complimenting my existing bruises.

I loved the pain, I always love the pain, but I also loved the laughs and excited cries of the sadists happily making me yelp, hop about and squeak in response as the tiny, thin cane left instant red welts. The smiles on their faces that made their eyes sparkle made my smile all the bigger.

Now some meanies go the extra mile, CaS and Lou were not for letting me off lightly. They got hold of a little bastard stick each and decorated my underboobs. Yes, they’re that mean. When finished there I offered up my inner thighs. I am eager to please, maybe too eager to please. But the giggles of delight, the teasing, the huge grins of sadistic pleasure on their faces as they struck me over and over again was as addictive as the pain itself.

So I kept going. After calling for a break, wondering if I could endure any more, I carried on because I knew they were having so much fun and I fed off that joy.

I enjoyed the shower of cane strikes, I was left with amazing marks and a happy, satisfied feeling. I sat with my lovely tormentors eating ice pops and basking in the post beating glow. And I didn’t even plan a moment of it. It just happened. And it was glorious fun. All had because of my desire to make those sweet meanies happy.

Later in the day, I indulged in a little bit more play with the wonderful and wicked Ric. It was so much fun. I got hit with many things, even broke a thing with my butt (oopsy) and got butt punched (I have discovered I enjoy this very much) and had my thighs thoroughly wrung out…Ric has very strong hands. Aren’t I lucky? I’m so very lucky.

There was a bonus beating from the lovely Maenad too, with a beautifully heavy paddle. I’m happy for an addition to a scene like that, negotiated then and there, it added to the light-hearted fun.

So I fed my pain slut, got some pretty bruises, and helped make 2 more sweet meanies happy. It’s a sweet cycle that just keeps on giving.

That day I pleased many people, I took my own painful pleasure and there is simply no losers in a scenario like that.

In my two years on the scene I have spent a lot of time investigating my masochism, with the aid of wonderfully wicked meanies. I’m sure there’s more to discover there but one thing I have uncovered through that is how much I get from pleasing others in a BDSM setting. That I want to explore more.

I think it’s about submission. Something deep inside me wants to obey. Wants the control removed. It’s scary as fuck, I’m a secret control freak who rarely completely lets go, and only so far during intense impact play.

But I look forward to finding just how much pleasure I can get from pleasing.