With the release of Scentsual my mind has been straying towards the thought of pleasant smells.

There are those scents that immediately bring back memories of childhood. Like on opening the wrapper on a fruit salad or a black jack sweet or the acrid scent of mothballs (Nanna’s wardrobes) and wood polish as well as peach talc from Marks&Sparks, my Nanna’s staple for as long as I’ve known her.

There are those that just make you feel comforted and soothe your ragged senses. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly mown grass in the early spring to lift your winter worn spirits.

Lavender will always soothe me and makes me feel snuggly and relaxed. Or after a long, weary day walking into a house filled with the smell of beef, gravy, herbs and onion is divine. Beef stew is instant comfort even before I eat any of it!

Then of course there are the sensual scents that arouse me. Citrusy aftershaves, light and seductive always fire my blood. The smell of my man is only made better when it is combined with my own scent, now that is a homemade aphrodisiac! Natural wood, leather, the sea and more.