I am Victoria Blisse and I like man-beasts. From the hero Spider Man to Cousin It, I’ve always been drawn to men who have a little bit of animal magnetism about them. Today I am going to share my top three with you.

So, in reverese order at Number three we have…

Beast from Beauty and The Beast

Surely I am not the only girl who was disappointed when Beast turned into the human prince in the end, I mean, he looked like such a ponce. I much preferred the rugged and raw beast man.

I’m sure Belle probably felt a bit cheated, too.

And number two…

George – Being Human

Now granted, this fella doesn’t look like a beast at all and that is partly why I love him so. He’s George from Being Human, a BBC drama programme that features a Werewolf, a Vampire and a ghost all living in the same house.

George does not like the fact he is a werewolf. He hates it, he just wants to be a man again not a werewolf.

Now we move on to number one.

Lowell from Moon Shy!

Of course, who else would it be? Now reading the last two I am sure you can see where I got my inspiration for Lowell from.

Lowell is very much a reluctant Werewolf. He hates it, every time the full moon comes around he locks himself up in his cellar to wait it out. He isolates himself away from society too and when he meets Jenny, a perfectly sweet if a little clumsy human he went to school with he finds himself torn between wanting to stay away and throwing himself at her.

Now, would you like an Excerpt?

He switched off the TV and headed upstairs to his bedroom. He flicked on the computer in the corner and sat down to check his personal emails. All spam. He even found it difficult to reach out to people in cyber space. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, he longed for some kind of interaction. It was just that people were so demanding. They’d want phone calls and webcam conversations, and Lowell couldn’t give that. It seemed far too much like a commitment, and he couldn’t commit to anyone. He was evil once a month, pure evil, and he couldn’t explain that to anyone.

He leaned back in his chair and scrolled through his bookmarks. He picked out his favourite and clicked it. When the delicious redhead snapped on screen, Lowell smiled. Jenny was prettier and more natural than that girl. He continued to watch as she pulled off her clothes, and he ran his hand into his pants.

She was masturbating right there on the screen for him, and he felt nothing, not a thing until he imagined it was Jenny doing those things in front of him. Then his cock became rock hard almost instantaneously. He shook his head. He couldn’t think about Jenny like that, it wasn’t right. He could never have a relationship like that with her. She was way out of his league for a start, but then there was his ‘monthly problem’ to contend with, too.

But he just could not shake her image from his mind. As the girl on the screen gasped and a guy walked into the shot, he entered his own little fantasy world where he walked in on Jenny naked on the sofa, masturbating, mumbling his name. He stroked himself rhythmically, and in his mind’s eye, he was walking over to her, grabbing her and stroking his hand down to her wet pussy. He imagined fingering her, feeling her juices running all over his plunging fingers, and he heard her begging him to fuck her.

The best thing about fantasies was you could cut out the boring bits. Lowell stripped in the blink of an eye and pushed Jenny down onto her back. He climbed between her thighs and fantasised how good she would feel around his dick. He imagined looking into her eyes as they fucked, and he felt the cum heavy inside of him. He saw her thrashing around, eyes closed and mouth opened in a scream as she came. At that moment, he, too, orgasmed all over his moving fingers.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my favourite beastly men -who are yours?