My Best friend Friday.

Friends Friday is a bit different this week because I’m writing it. I’m writing it to celebrate my very best friend.

It was his Birthday on Wednesday and every Birthday, every Christmas, every day of celebration I thank God that I have him.

Yeah, it’s my husband. You all know him by now, Kevin Mitnik. He’s my tech guy, he’s the one who makes this whole website possible. He does all the hard work. I just type up the odd blog post to fill it.

I feel so blessed. I have a man in my life who is everything to me. He’s my rock, he’s my comfort, he’s my ear when I need to talk, he’s my comedian when I need to smile. He nurses me when I’m ill, he celebrates with me when good things happen and he supports me in all I do.


I often ‘blame’ him for my stories. He told me to write down my stories, encouraged me to make them public and every step of the way he’s been my cheering squad. I feel so fortunate that my husband will help me edit, he’ll help promote me, he’ll look after our daughter so I can go off to meet other authors, publishers and readers and he does it all happily.


So this friends Friday I am thanking my wonderful husband for being my very best friend as well as the love of my life AND the inspiration for my books. Love you, Kev. Very, very much.