Be it a resounding hymn (you really can’t beat it) or a catch pop tune or a love song that hits me in the heart and brings tears to me eyes. Music plays with your emotions. I bet you can think of a song or several songs that evoke a strong emotional response. For me, I cannot listen to “Bright Eyes” from Watership down without crying, in fact just thinking about it is making my eyes sting with unshed tears.

Eternal Flame makes me feel mushy inside and More than Words makes me think of my husband and my heart feels as if it may burst with love when I hear it.

Now my Hero in Lyrical lives in a world of music, it’s how he feels emotion and how he blocks himself off from the world. He likes the predictability of what he listens to and is scared of the world and all the emotion flying about out there. However Chloe is not going to let him stay in his safe cocoon, she’s determined to break through into it and ironically, she does this through her music.

Finally I see Chloe, guitar flung over her shoulder, her fingers tweaking and strumming as she tunes up. The jeans she wears stick to her shapely legs and the black t-shirt above them snugly caresses her curves, revealing a strip of flesh over her tiny, soft stomach. There’s a silver ring looped through her belly button, a little charm dangling from it. I want to go closer and see what it is, but I hold myself back. The black tamed hair of work is now let loose, the curls splayed over her shoulders, rippling with every movement of her head.

My own lips go dry as I contemplate her lips, bruise red and begging to be kissed. Her eyes are heavily made up, the colour over her eyelids a shade lighter than that on her sexy pout. She looks up, fastens me with her dark green gaze and smiles. I smile, waving that little kind of part wave people do when they’re kinda nervous. She waves back, wiggling her fingers one by one and giggling.

“Good evening, everyone.” She speaks into the microphone as she leans herself comfortably on the high stool. “My name is Chloe Green and I’m going to entertain you tonight.”

A rowdy cheer goes up from a group of drunken, big shoulder guys at the end of the bar but Chloe just smiles and takes it all in stride.

“I’m going to mix up some classics with a few songs of my own. Join in with any you know and please enjoy your evening.”

She sits back, breathes in deeply and closes her soulful eyes. Her hand rests gently on the guitar and then strums down in one, smooth movement, the note gently reverberating through me.

I do not know what she sings. The moment her mouth opens I am captured by her voice. Clear, low and sexy. I feel the sound wrapping round me, sliding down my back and chest, dipping to my crotch and teasing my dick to life. Each note is pure and unsullied, her tone perfectly plucking at my flesh, making it prickle and the tiny hairs stand on end.
I vaguely notice that the pub has gone so quiet that I can hear the clink of glasses. She pauses for breath and I erupt with applause. She stops to take a long sip of water after singing several melodious songs.

“This last song is dedicated to someone special.” She grins, leaning into the microphone. “I’ve only recently met him, but he’s unlike any other man I’ve ever known. I think I’ve been driving him wild all week.” She winks my way and my cock hardens further as my cheeks burn red with that attention. “Pete, this one is for you.”

Her voice flows over me again, the strum of the guitar a perfect background to her low, throaty whisper. I try hard to pick out the words as I watch her lips dancing around the song she’s chosen for me.

You know I can’t let you,
Slide through my hands.

Her voice swells as the chorus repeats,

Wild horses,
Couldn’t drag me away,
Wild, wild horses,
Couldn’t drag me away…

I realise for the first time that I wouldn’t want them to drag her from my life . She has driven me to distraction all week, I have the bruises to prove it, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


So what songs stir your emotions?