Eroticon 2018 was amazing for Mr Blisse and I but I think our mascot paddle, Mr Spank made by Grateful Pain  had the most fun. Here’s his story in photos and words for you to enjoy.

He started out with us on the eroticon book table. He enjoyed reading the hot smut of course, but it was Eroticon and Mr Spank wanted to explore and meet some of the amazing sponsors on the recently dubbed Corridor of swag.


Mr Spank was very eager to meet the new Doxy number 3 and wasted no time getting acquainted. And wasn’t capable of much once he experienced the powerful vibrations. I got a t-shirt, it’s an awesome t-shirt but I think Mr Spank got the better deal here. I really want one of those for myself, 3 is my lucky number after all!

After his doxy fun, Mr Spank wanted a lie down. I was a bit tired out by all the fun too, so I joined him on the Sheets of San Francisco bed. Of course, Elvis wanted an snuggle too and who could ever say no to Elvis?

What better way to wake up than with a zap of electric fun with ElectraStim! Mr Spank was spoilt for choice with all the amazing products to try!

Of course, I couldn’t let Mr Spank have all the fun. I love electric and when I saw the ElectroStim paddle…well, I had to have a go on that.


And a double Electrostim Pinwheel? Well I’ve not seen that before so I definitely wanted to give it a try. It’s much more fun than the single one, it hurt much more betterer. But then, I am a pain slut! 

Mr Spank loved the Ruby Glow, he could just sit on it and be vibrated to ecstasy. He loved all the other bright and funky Rocks-off toys on the table too and especially loved the amazing Tabitha Rayne who is all round awesome.


Mr Spank was very taken with the LoveGivr website full of sexy goodness, he liked the mugs too. I love mine!


There was so much buzzing going on in the corridor of swag and Mr Spank was definitely a fan. He loved MysteryVibe with the Crescendo able to bend and flex in all kinds of exciting ways. Also Waterproof and rechargable, Mr Spank was very impressed indeed!



You all know I adore but Mr Spank was very enamoured too. He is looking for his perfect kink date so was eager to sign up! He liked the little purple fetish paddle too, Keep calm and spank on is one of Mr Spank’s favourite mottos!


Hot Octopuss had lots of exciting, vibrating fun for Mr Spank to Play with. He was very taken with the atom plus as it fitted perfectly around his, er, you know, handle.


Now you might think we were making up excuses to spend time on the Sheets of San Francisco bed and you’d be spot on, we were. On the Sunday they had a change of colour, so we had to go scope it out, it’s only fair. Me, Mr Blisse (AKA Mr Kitty Purr Purr) and Mr Spanky went to check out the pretty pink roses!


It was a fantastic weekend that we all enjoyed very much. If you’d like your own Mr Spank, personalised to your specifics then check out Grateful Pain and get your hands on some wonderfully woody, spanky fun.