“Rise and shine, Sleepyhead,” she whispered, her soft hand stroked my cheek.


“It’s your day off and my day off and well, I don’t want to waste it.”

Claire kissed my cheek and I slowly opened one eye.

“What time is it?” I mumbled as I prised open the second eye and took in the squeaky clean exterior of my wife. Her hair dark and damp showed me she’d just showered and she smelled intoxicatingly of fresh roses.

“Time you woke up and fucked me, darling husband.” she said with a broad, cheeky wink. Her hand pushed under the blankets and her cool fingers stroked down my chest to my wakening cock.

“Well, when you put it that way…” I snuggled into her soft and slightly chilly body.

“ooh,” I squeaked, “you’re cold.”

“Warm me up, then.” She purred and stroked my burgeoning erection.

“Yes, dear,” I replied and kissed her neck. It’s her favourite place to be kissed, well, one of them and I as she squeezed me harder between her fingers I knew I’d hit a sweet spot. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her on top of me. She giggled as she let go of my dick and used her hands to balance her above me. As we organised limbs we kissed.

I love the taste of my wife’s lips in the morning. All minty and fresh and tingling clean. What a wonderful way to wake up, to have her soft curves pressed into my hard lines and her mouth pressed against mine. She split her thighs around me and rubbed up and down until she found my sweet spot, the place between her thighs where I fit so perfectly.

She slid me into her, she was so wet and ready and I gasped as her warm pussy squeezed around my erection.

“That’s it,” she whispered into my ear as she bumped her hips up and down, “that’s what I wanted, what I needed.”

“Yeah,” I replied, my teeth teasing her earlobe, “this is the best fucking way to wake up.”

“Yes,” the word exploded from her lips as I arced up to meet her downward thrust, “fuck yes.”

I slid a hand between us. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, morning sex is harsh and rushed and brilliant but with so little time to wake up I’d also had little time to work on self-control. I wanted her to reach her peak with me. I come so much harder when her orgasm squeezes it out of me.

“Thanks,” she gasped, “you’re so good to me.”

“You’re the one doing all the work,” I replied, “it seems only fair.”
She laughed her tinkling sweet sound that rolled into a groan and a far more visceral noise as I continued to caress her clit.

“Fuck, I love you.” She cried and ground down hard onto me. She squeezed my cock so tight, her juices coated me and heightened my senses and as her rhythmic undulations carried her over the brink into orgasm I followed her as I would do in everything and always. I followed her into ecstasy and exploded with a roar of completion and agreement. I loved her with all my heart.

She kissed me once she recovered her breath and smiled.

“I really fancy some bacon and eggs now,” she said, “I’ve worked up an appetite.”

“Could you get any more perfect?” I pushed a damp strand of hair behind her ear. “No wonder I love you.”

“I fuck and I cook, I’m a dream come true.” She tittered.

And I agreed heartily. Another day and yet more reasons to love her.

© Victoria Blisse