Some days I don ’t know who wakes up first, him or me, by him I mean Little Ted. Some mornings he lies in and I don ’t see sight nor sound of him till late on in the day, but some mornings I wake up and he ’s already bolt upright and ready and raring to go. This morning is one of those mornings.

I stumble into my boxers and walk downstairs and into the kitchen, I start to brew a pot of tea and put some bread under the grill, if I act and behave like its just another day maybe little Ted will go back to sleep. As I sit awkwardly eating my toast I realise he ’s not going to going to, no, not for love nor money. He is here to stay today!

He needs taking care of, then I can get on with my day. I walk into the study and switch on the computer, I give in. I connect to the Internet and open my favourites, directing my cursor to one of my favourite erotic literature sites. If that doesn ’t satisfy Little Ted nothing will.

Perusing the list of titles I see one that takes my fancy, Little Ted perks up at the idea too and then:

“beedly-boop ”

“Oh crap! ” I exclaim, “I forgot to switch off my messenger, bugger, bugger, bugger! ”

In my frustration I don ’t even look to see who is messaging me.

“beedly-boop ” there ’s another.

What ’s up this morning? Cat gotcha tongue?

Its Louise, I met her at a chat site a few months back and we ’ve been chatting on and off ever since. Grudgingly I reply, I am too polite to just turn off Messenger and disappear.

I’m here sorry. Bit slow this morning.

What’s new? She replies

We joke about like this all the time but this morning, I am not in the mood. I say nothing and get back to my tale.

My messenger makes that annoying noise again and flashes at me.

oooh someone’s sense of humour hasn ’t woken up yet I see… hmmm well there are only two reasons that I know that make men grumpy. Number one is they’re hungry.

No I’m not hungry. I just had toast. I reply hastily.

Then its reason number two then, I can help you with that. Sit back and enjoy, don’t look at your other windows, just read. Don’t try to reply, just read and I’ll have you in a better mood in no time

I sit up and pay full attention, what on earth does she mean? So I sit and read:

You are engrossed in whatever is on your screen so you don ’t notice the door swinging open, not until you feel my breath on your neck do you look up, I swing you round so you are facing me, your eyes stare straight at my chest. My naked breasts stare back at you. Your eye track up to my face, you look into my deep green eyes and read the lust there. Your eyes track back down my body over my breasts to my stomach down to the juncture of my thighs and down my legs. I let you take in my body before I gently lift your face in my hands till you are looking up into my eyes, never loosing eye contact I kiss your cheek, left then right. I then fit my lips over yours. Barely touching, caressing gently I lick out and part your lips with my tongue, exploring your mouth, my lips come into contact with yours, searching every contour thoroughly.

I break from the kiss, watch your eyes, the desperation in their depths my lips trace down you neck and I hear you sigh, a throaty sound that comes from your very soul as my lips trace the muscles in your neck, butterfly kisses intensify till you can feel my teeth lightly grazing your skin as I follow the contours of your shoulder blades down to your chest. I can feel your heart beating resounding thru my lips, the vibrations running through my body as I continue to lick and suck at your body flicking at your nipples teasing them till they stand taut and erect.

I can feel it. The tension, the frustration, the electric need in you.

TENSION! I feel like shouting, you don ’t know the half of it woman! By now Little Ted is enthralled, drooling at this ultra sexy image in his little mind, never mind him, I ’m drooling. Drooling and anticipating the next message.

Tracing my lips over your stomach, gently darting my tongue around and in your belly button. I place my hands on the arms of your chair, My mouth moving lower and lower, I can feel the top of your boxers now, I can feel the contents of your boxers eagerly pressing against my breasts. I move my hands to your hips and begin to roll down your pants. You lift your hips in eagerness as I slip them completely off.

I can hear your breathing, shallow and expectant as my hands cling tight to your hips my mouth tantalisingly close to the centre of your desire. I look straight into your eyes and see the wild look of sheer wanton lust held within them. I smile, lick my lips then unlock from your gaze directing my eyes to your awesome cock. Every contour, every vein, I inspect minutely looking at you for ages, my lips running over my lips. You moan and groan thrusting your hips up to me. I giggle a little and still I do not touch you

You might not be touching me but I am furiously touching myself. The tension and sheer sexiness of this erotic tale is too much for me, I am stroking my cock, my eyes glued to the computer screen. My heart pounds when I see another message from Louise flash up.

Although watching you writhe and wriggle is such a turn on for me, I take pity on your poor straining cock and lightly I touch the tip of you with the tip of my tongue, licking up that yummy pre cum that is there. mmmmmmmmmm.

My tongue flicks and licks out over and over, covering the head of your cock

OH HELL YEAH! My imagination roams free, the image of a gorgeous woman licking my cock making me moan out loud for real, my hand working overtime stroking hard and fast, then slower. I don ’t want to cum yet. Let her finish her tale. I sit waiting. Another message! My fingers tremble as I click to see what she ’s written.

Mmmmmm I can’t bare it anymore, I trail my tongue up to the tip of you, then slowly I engulf you in my mouth, taking you deeper and deeper, stretching my lips around you. Moaning as I take more and more of you in my mouth my tongue licking down your shaft, when I get as far as I can go I move up and then down, slowly at first then getting faster and faster and faster …. Until your sighs become moans and your moans become screams.

I keep plunging my mouth up and down your hard luscious cock moaning in pleasure, tasting you, feeling you throb in my mouth. I can hear you screaming as I feel your cock begin to twitch and writhe under my ministrations.


I taste your tangy salty cum as it fills my mouth and slowly dribbles down my throat. Greedily I drink it down licking off every last drop. Savouring the taste I moan my appreciation. I smile at you over my shoulder as I walk out of the room.

With that she ’s gone. Wow. What a woman. Hmm I better go clean up and get on with my day whilst Ted is sleeping. Wow oh wow. I could do with starting my day like this every morning.

© Victoria Blisse