More than Friends Friday.

Hello folks, I know normally you get a break from me on a Friday but this week I am afraid due to an amount of snow and all round nasty bout of weather my author for this week has had to cancel, so here I am.

So as this isn’t the usual scheduled spot I’m calling it ‘More than Friends Friday’ as I’m going to let you get to know Terri and John a little more.

They both appear in Getting Physical, here’s the blurb:


Book one in the Getting Together Series by Victoria Blisse

Curvaceous Terri hates going to the gym to exercise but she really loves the view of John’s hard, pumping thighs. John is always at the gym, working on his definition. He thinks he’s lanky and scrawny and is convinced the sexy, curvy new girl will never look twice at him. A twist of fate brings them together but will they be able to get over their own insecurities and take advantage of the season of love? It is Valentine’s Day after all.

Terri is a curvy girl with insecurities. She knows she’s sexy, people have told her so and deep inside she knows that she’s got curves that men love. The problem is that the images on TV and the comments of shallow workmates hold her back and make her worry that maybe she’s too fat. When she’s put in the alien environment of a gym her worries quickly multiply. Even when she see’s a gorgeous hunk of a man she cannot focus on her fantasies as she’s too distracted by how other people are perceiving her.

Funny thing is, the tall, lithe fit guy finds himself in a similar quandary. Here’s me reading n excerpt that gives you an insight into his frame of mind:

You can pick up your copy of Getting Physical at Xcite and you can also pick up the sequel,vfsthere too. The third book will be out at the end of February so you can find out just how it all ends.

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