When I saw the prompt for September was Black and White I was a lil’ disappointed. I am not a fan of monochrome. I know some people can make stunning images in shades of grey but I just feel like the image isn’t *me* when I change the colour. My header for example, looks weird. I know it’s my cleavage but it doesn’t feel like it. I used that photo though because when I sent my actual Sinful Sunday image to my hubs, he couldn’t work out what it was. So the header gives you a clue…



The image isn’t edited at all and if you look closely you may see other colours than black and white but I was so impressed with how this full colour photo came out so monochrome and with definite spooky overtones, I had to use it!

Yes, my masochist did think this would be a good idea. I really need a fucking beating.


Sinful Sunday