It’s  not often you get to see a stripping monkey or a stripping poodle…but at the last Dr Sketchy’s I saw both. And three amusing apes dancing to Bad Touch. You get value for money at these things I can tell ya!

It was the first full length Sketchy at Chapter One Books. Some of you will remember the mini one we had as part of Smut Manchester there and it was awesome. I set up a table full of smut (poor Mr Blisse was poorly so I was in charge) and got ready to draw…badly. ;)

I’ve already Seen Velma Von Bon Bon ‘s hilarious Organ Grinder’s Monkey performance but it was a pleasure to see it again. It’s funny, it’s clever and it’s really rather sexy too!


So I apologise now for how unsexy I managed to make my sketches. I should surely be getting better by now…maybe not. ;)

What I love about Sketchy is that I’m never sure what’s going to happen next was a brilliant, innovative act that had me laughing and admiring the cute costume! Carrie Couture is a delight to watch and her poodle act was so flipping adorable!



And my drawings for this one aren’t too bad, in fact I’m pretty impressed with them. The challenge was to change Carrie’s look so I decided to goth the poodle up a bit, I enjoyed letting my imagination run wild.

The night was rounded off by Bea and Her Bombshells! Bea Noir, Harley Monster and Gem looking…nuts. No, really, they were naughty monkeys. I loved their routine, it was cheeky and silly and included nuts…and terrorizing Jay which is always good to see.

I can’t draw monkeys, this I found out so I’m not going to inflict too much of my monkeying around on you but a very strange thing happened…I won a prize. Now, I’m convinced this wasn’t for my drawing skills, I think it’s purely for the weird way my brain works. The challenge sketch this time was to draw the Pretty Primates and in thought bubbles draw or write what they were thinking.

So my monkeys are thinking ‘Are Humans just naked monkeys?’ and ‘What kind of nuts do they have in heaven?’ and the middle monkey is thinking the deepest thought of all. ‘BIIIIIIIIIIIIG BANANAS!’

I won a cute emoji monkey bag to keep my monkey emojis in…and other stuff. I was chuffed. I was third but I was chuffed! And it just goes to prove you don’t have to be able to draw to join in at Sketchy’s and even sometimes, you might be able to win a cool prize!


The Next Sketchy is Back to the 80’s themed and at Mantra Live on the 28th January at 7pm. I hope to see you there!