Lyrics are brilliant things, they can change how you feel in a moment, lifting you up, making you laugh or bringing you to tears in a matter of moments. Music taps into emotions in a way nothing else really does. Many authors, myself included, listen to certain types of music when writing to help inspire them.

Sometimes though you can’t quite hear the words and that is when music really gets interesting.

Anyone remember Shaggy’s song ‘Oh Carolina’ that was a hit back in 1993? Well in it are the words ‘Jump and Prance’ but my sister insisted that he was actually singing ‘Jumbo bras’. She’s not lived it down yet.

My child also used to sing along to Lady Ga Ga’s Paparazzi but she would sing ‘Papa Roxy’ instead.

So have you ever misheard a lyric? What was it? Anyone who answers will get put in a draw to win a copy of Lyrical! I’ll draw the winner on Friday 2nd September