I love Christmas, it’s such a wonderful treat in the middle of winter. I have always loved the magic of Christmas and the season of advent that leads up to it. As a Christian Christmas has a deep meaning that resonates inside and makes me well up with joy. I know Jesus wasn’t born in the winter, I know all that but I still love Christmas. It’s important to remember Jesus entering the world as a child.

The Nativity by Brian Jekel

We had a fantastic sermon last week in the family service. My vicar had a few gifts for the kids to unwrap. The first lad picked the biggest and got a box of hay, there was a cloth, a few coins and an air freshener and a few stems of myrrh. They all had meanings but they didn’t seem like important gifts on the face of it all.

The hay, the cloth, the coins and air freshener all point at the humble beginning Jesus had. He was born in a stable, with animals all around, laid in some bits of cloth in a manager. His family were very poor, it was not the usual beginning of a king. The Myrrh, like the gift of the wise man, points to Jesus’s future and his death. The reason he came to earth was to die a cruel and painful death to rescue us all from our sins.

I know you may find this a little (a lot!) different to the usual fair in my blog but it is very important to me. So today as you eat, drink, open presents and make merry remember the reason for the season. That amazing little baby, Jesus.

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And finally I want to wish you all a

Have a day filled with joy and laughter. :)