The lovely founder of Masturbation Monday is on the Brit Babes blog today celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the blog hop. Well, I had to join in didn’t I? Here’s a little bit of Flash Fiction I’ve written especially.

Pretending Passion

“Wank for me.”

Lying in my bed, eyes tight closed, I hear your voice. Even on my own I want to please you, to give my pleasure to you.

Stroking down my satin covered curves I run my fingers lower, sliding between my tightly closed thighs, trying not to disturb my clothing, not to reveal anything to your sight. I’m blushing, ridiculous considering you’re only there in my imagination.

“Don’t be shy,” you whisper, “open up, show me. I want to see.”

I suck in a deep breath, my skin tight and aching, my heart thudding with anticipation. Squeezing my eyes tightly closed I widen my thighs. The rumbling moan of your arousal that I know so well echoing through my brain.

I’m wet, hot and desperately aroused. Fingering myself feels so wicked with your pretend gaze resting heavily on me. What would you be thinking, how hard would you be watching me? Would you be mean and deny me my orgasm?

I concentrate on touching just where I like, trailing moisture over my clit, slipping and sliding closer and closer to climax.

“Look at me.”

I don’t know if I can do it, even in my fantasy, can I masturbate and look at you at the same time? I hesitate, shake my head against the pillow and hear you tut.

“Look at me, now. Don’t make me ask again.”

I suck in air, steady the beat of my heart and open my eyes. Not really, they’re still screwed tight but in my imagination my stare meets yours.

I’m consumed by the bright blue blaze, the deep, wide black pupils and the border of darker blue, showing me your arousal. I’m lost in the depths of your lustful stare, unable to break away. I can see all that will be there, in your eyes. You’ll use me for your pleasure, take what you want from me without question, use me as you see fit and as I want.

“Can I come, Sir?” The words trip out after each other as a breathy string of want and need.

No answer. I squeal, my thighs shake and the pent up frustration escapes as a grunted groan.

“Please Sir, please?” I plead, body shaking on the verge of explosion.  “Oh please, let me come. Please can I come, may I come. Oh let me come, please, Sir.”

“Yes.” One word, one single word in your dark, deep timbre. One word unleashes all my pent up passion in a flowing rumble of ecstasy. I writhe and gasp and clench up tight.

“Good, girl.” I hear your voice as I drift off to sleep. I can’t wait to confess all this to you. I’ve been very naughty indeed and I know you will have to punish me. I can’t wait.

Check out the other Masturbation Monday posts too. I hope you enjoyed my little flash. Always fun to write a lil’ something off the cuff. Apologies for any spelling/grammar errors, I’m not great at picking those up myself.